Transparent Labs: Obliterating Proprietary Blends In Bulk!

Transparent Labs is a well-known brand of supplements, dedicated to providing science-backed formulas and products. As the name suggests, the company clearly shows all ingredients contained in each of their products.

This is a refreshing change, and is at the forefront of an industry shift wherein consumers (bodybuilders, weightlifters, models) are wising up to the deception that are “proprietary blends” and in are in turn demanding to know exactly how much of “the good stuff” like L-Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, and Creatine are in their supplements.

While some big companies have been more open about what they’re putting in their products, Transparent Labs has built its entire business model off of transparent labelling and pricing, in a refreshing move that results in more confident spending for consumers.

Oh, and did we mention “The Mountain” uses their supplements? Yeah.. that’s right. Read on to learn why…
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Who Are Transparent Labs & What’s The Hype About?

In this Transparent Labs supplements review, we will take a close look at each line of products the company offers. Also, given all the hype, we will also look at their most popular products in each category and what separates them from other similar brands. 

All supplements offered by Transparent Labs are gluten-free and also come without any artificial coloring, sweeteners, or preservatives. This, along with their transparent labelling and bulk selling are the 3 biggest USPs (unique selling points) of the brand.

Before we begin, it is important to point out that your very first order at Transparent Labs comes with a 10% discount, so make sure to claim that before checking out, just give them your email address.

Additionally, you can purchase pre-formulated “stacks” of supplements that contain several related products at a discounted price. Since most serious bodybuilders take more than one supplement anyway (stacking multiple products for optimal effects), getting a discount for this is a great bonus and something and could learn from.

Payment methods accepted at the Transparent Labs store include all major credit cards and PayPal, which is nice if you’re not into re-adding a credit/debit card every time you want to check out. They also have a subscription program so after you test out/trial products, if you like them, you can set them to auto-deliver so you never run out of pre-workout or protein again (a major ball ache). 
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Efficaciously Dosed Pre-Workout Products

Let’s begin our Transparent Labs supplements review with the “pre-series”, which is the brand term for all of their products to be consumed before stepping in the gym, essentially a pre-workout product line.
Those supplements contain clinically-effective doses of key ingredients that help your body get the most of your workouts. Each product comes in a variety of flavors, and each jug of supplements contains a total of 30 servings. Let’s take a look at some high-rated items in this category.

Bulk Pre-Workout Powder

If you are looking to increase your muscle mass, Bulk Pre-Workout is a great supplement to try. It is designed to stimulate lean muscle growth and includes a potent testosterone complex (zinc, boron, and vitamin D3). It enhances your overall physical performance, prevents muscle soreness, and helps you stay focused while working out.

This is a very well-balanced PWO. Is it going to get you blitzed out of your mind like Nitraflex? No. Does it have quite as many ingredients as Bullnox? No.

But it’s ingredients are all transparently labelled (unlike Bullnox) and they got enough supporting mineral and vitamin support to be more than a one-trick pony like Nitraflex.

Lean Pre-Workout (for cutting season)

This supplement is perfect for burning fat without suffering any lean muscle loss. Key ingredients include beta-alanine, betaine, hordenine, synephrine, and amino acids, among others. We like seeing aminos in lean PWOs because you often take them when working out fasted and it’s nice to have the protein synthesis support.
Lean Pre-Workout also includes a thyroid support complex, consisting of zinc, chromium picolinate, and guggulsterones, which helps it stand out from similar “weight loss” or “cutting” oriented PWOs.

Transparent Labs Protein Series

If you want to stimulate muscle growth, protein is the way to do it. Transparent Labs have a great range of protein supplements that either come from 100% grass-fed cows or are vegan, which is a huge selling point. But they don’t just stop there, they have a well-thought out variety of protein types for various applications.

Mass Gainer Protein

With 53 grams of pure protein per serving, Mass gainers are one of the most effective muscle-building and weight-gaining supplements out there. Protein, calories, and creatine do wonders to a body under stress.
Due to the high calorie count (750 per serving), gainers like Transparent Labs can even be used as a meal replacement from time to time.
It contains 100% grass-fed whey protein concentrate, as well as creatine monohydrate which isa must if you’re looking to pack on as much mass as possible during your bulk. Mass Gainer comes in jugs of 15 servings, and you can choose between chocolate or cookies-and-cream flavors, both sweetened with stevia and monk fruit, meaning no sugar and zero artificial sweeteners. 
This, in combination with the fact that the calorie sources are organic tapioca, oat, and sweet potatoes, in addition to coconut milk powder and MCTs, you have yourself a word-class mass gainer that stands out in a crowd of shit packed full of cheap maltodextrin and refined sugars..

100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate

Sourced from grass-fed American cows, this supplement has an amazing 88% protein-by-weight ratio. It is perfect for reaching your daily protein goals, as well as for muscle recovery post-workout.

Intra + Strength Series

This product line is composed of supplements containing creatine, carbohydrate, glutamine, and other elements that support muscle recovery. The mixes are designed based on published clinical research and contain active ingredients in effective doses. In addition, the products do not contain any harmful additives, artificial sweeteners or coloring. 

Creatine HMB

This supplement will increase your strength, reduce your fat mass, enhance your endurance, and prevent muscle loss. The core ingredients are creatine monohydrate and beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB). Creatine HMB is easy to absorb thanks to the added BioPerine. While taking this supplement, you must consume plenty of water in order to stay hydrated and maximize the efficiency of Creatine HMB.


ZMO stands for Zinc, Magnesium, and Oyster — elements that are essential for athletes who engage in high-intensity workouts and push their limits to the edge. They are also important for optimal muscle recovery and effective sleep.
Additionally, men who take ZMO will enjoy higher levels of natural testosterone production. “Test boosters” won’t ZMO by Transparent Labs is a great supplement, perfect for bodybuilders and professional athletes.

Fat Burners

If you want to lose weight, Transparent Labs has the perfect solution for you to help augment your diet. Products in this category suppress hunger, increase your metabolism, and boost your clean energy and focus. Transparent Labs fat burners come in the form of easy-to-swallow capsules.
Will they make you drop 20 pounds over night? Of course not. Fat burners are more about keeping your metabolism up than they are actually impacting any direct fat loss.

Physique Series Fat Burner

This product includes a mix of ingredients designed to help you burn fat at an accelerated rate. For example, HTP-5 is an efficient appetite suppressor, while Forslean, Synephrine, and green tea extract are excellent at boosting your metabolic levels. Additionally, Physique Series Fat Burner contains L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine — two supplements that reduce physical and mental stress.
As always with Transparent Labs, the ingredients on the fat burner are all listed on the label. If there is one supplement type notorious for proprietary blends it is fat burners so seeing open honesty here is a huge breath of fresh air.

Wellness & Raw Series

Those two product lines consist of a wide variety of supplements for different needs. From magnesium bisglycinate and vitamins to prebiotic greens and krill oil — there are a lot of useful products published scientific backing to choose from.

Raw Series Vitamin B Complex

Vitamins of the B group play an essential role in many processes in your body. Higher levels of those vitamins will give you more energy and increased metabolism. They will also boost your immune system and brain functions. Additionally, vitamin B is great for your skin, hair, and nails. Raw Series Vitamin B Complex contains increased doses of the essential vitamins of the group, as well as inositol, choline, and vitamin C.

Core Series Krill Oil

Krill oil has all the benefits of regular fish oil, and then some. Transparent Labs’ Core Series Krill Oil is extracted from an Antarctic krill species. The oil is rich in omega-3 acids and is easy to absorb by your stomach. With krill oil, you will get enhanced liver function, better metabolism, and decreased cholesterol levels. This supplement is perfect for people who need a natural source of nutrition that is low on contaminants.
Some prefer krill over other fish oils like salmon because they are smaller down on the food chain and thus generally contain less quantities of heavy metals then other predatory fish.
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Concluding Our Transparent Labs Supplements Review

As you can see from our Transparent Labs supplements review, the company offers a great variety of products that are effective for both bodybuilders and people who just want to live a healthier lifestyle and a very fair price point.
The pricing of the individual items is competitive, and if you buy in bulk, you get an additional discount. The closest company to Transparent Labs we can think of would probably be PEScience, but they don’t have the bulk order options like Transparent Labs so they’re probably our overall victor in terms of best bang-for-buck bulk supplement company.
So, whether you want to put on some serious muscle mass or you want to shred your excess fat, Transparent Labs probably has the right products for you, all natural, organic, and with the dosages of active ingredients all displayed on their labels. Nothing to hide with Transparent Labs!
We hope you enjoyed our Transparent Labs supplements review. Head over to their site for more information on their product lines and up-to-date pricing.

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