Why Kodiak Power Waffles Are The (Almost) Perfect Anabolic Snack

Finding a protein-rich snack that can be stored for periods of time and that isn’t a powder can be difficult.

Sure, protein shakes are great, and as such, they’re my go-to protein source post-workout, particularly the bulk custom blends from True Nutrition.

Then there are protein bars, which in my opinion, can be real hit-or-miss in terms of flavor and texture, so I usually only buy those if I know I’m going to be traveling and am worried about getting my daily protein intake.

But after over a decade of bodybuilding, you get pretty sick of most of the protein powder and protein bar flavors that are out there and are often left craving REAL FLAVOR.

This is why whole foods are so amazing because they’re super nutritional and also taste great, but what about those times in the day when you don’t have the freedom to cook a complete meal?

Well, I believe I’ve found the *almost perfect protein-rich snack for breakfasts, in between meals, and even late-night snacking, if you’re in a bulking phase, that is.

Kodiak Power Waffles reviewed

Why Frozen Kodiak Power Waffles Are So Great

Kodiak protein waffles are an excellent choice for bodybuilders looking to increase their protein intake. Not only are they convenient and easy to prepare, but frozen Kodiak protein waffles also provide a great source of high-quality proteins that can help build muscle mass.

They are also packed with essential vitamins and minerals that can help support overall health and well-being. Each serving (2 waggles) contains 12g of protein, 24g of carbohydrates, 11g of total fat, and 240 calories total.

Kodiak’s Power Waffles also features 100% whole-grain wheat flour, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and egg whites, so the protein sources are actually quite diverse. Heck, they even make a gluten-free flapjack and waffle mix if you’re willing to mix them up and make them fresh yourself.

Personally, I eat a little more than a single serving. The right size for me is 3 waffles, which gets me to 18g of protein, on top of which I prefer to sprinkle a few nuts for added texture, fiber, and additional protein so that in total, I’m ideally somewhere around 20-25g of protein per “waffle snack.”

frozen protein waffles

Why Kodiak Power Waffles Aren’t Perfect

I can’t sit here and pretend that these frozen protein waffles are the most perfect anabolic snack known to man. There are, like with all things in life, some potential drawbacks you should consider when drooling at these waffles in your local frozen aisle.

First, the protein-to-fat ratio isn’t the best, especially when compared to more isolate-derived options out there. As such, these might not be the best for people in competition prep or on a serious cutting regimen, as the additional calories and fat will slow your goals.

bulking meme

Second, what do you have to put on a waffle to make it taste truly exceptional? Syrup? Butter? Both? Yes.

My total macros for my waffle snacks are quite dense, with the addition of some organic salted butter and a generous dousing of organic maple syrup. Again, think more “bear mode” than “otter mode” when considering the real-world applications of a protein source such as waffles.

How Do Kodiak Power Waffles Taste Though?

So, if you’re fine with the additional calories that come along with such a delicious snack option, then let me tell you, these things are great.

I’ve been eating Kodiak’s protein waffles, pancakes, and oatmeal for over three years now, and I still actually enjoy eating them. This means the flavor and texture are ON POINT, which deserves recognition in a protein-food industry that so often either can’t dial in the flavor or texture with their product (looking at you protein bar companies).

There is no chalkiness or grittiness as you get from other protein foods. The flavor tastes just like a real waffle. On the whole, I much prefer Kodiak Power Waffles over things like Magic Spoon cereals which miss the mark on both flavor and texture.

Kodiak Power Waffles tested

Why Protein Waffles Are The Best Bulking Option

The best application for waffles like these, whether you get the pre-made frozen ones (more convenient) or you buy the bulk powder to make your own fresh (cheaper per serving), these carb-based protein snacks are ideal for people looking to stretch their daily caloric intake but don’t want to do that with empty hallow calories and are seeking a respectable amount of protein.

The sweet nature and convenience of just popping a few waffles in the toaster make Kodiak Power Waffles perfect for getting calories and protein in your system first thing in the morning and/or topping up your caloric/protein intake for the day in the form of a late-night snack.

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