Skinny: to be a thin motherf*cker + Yoked: to be a jacked motherf*cker = Skinny Yoked

Skinny Yoked is at the intersection between bodybuilding, balling, and healthy living. Designed specifically to help skinny mother f*ckers, or “hard-gainers,” learn how to add mass and bulk up, Skinny Yoked is also a work in progress.

What Skinny Yoked Stands For

  • Sharing of weightlifting knowledge
  • The endless pursuit of lean gains
  • The exploration of new bodybuilding technologies
  • Placing equal emphasis on the development of the body and mind
  • Mutual respect and community building amongst passionate lifters
  • Having a bit of fun and joking around about lifting weights

What Skinny Yoked Does NOT Stand For

  • Tearing people down
  • Bullsh*t supplement reviews written by people who never set foot in a gym
  • Bullsh*t left or right politics
  • Unhealthy criticism of fellow lifters
  • Making gains without putting in any hard work
  • Being a serious tw*t about everything

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Who Are We?

Well, currently, it’s mostly just “me.” My name is Erik Bowitz, and I’ve loved the weight room since first stepping in as a 6’2, sub-170-pound high school sophomore. My high school gym was small, and much of the equipment was hand-built in the school’s metal works shop. It was sweaty, dirty, and hot; it was a perfect iron baptism.

In high school, I put on my first little bits of muscle and graduated around 180. I upped to 190 in university, although mostly through excessive beer consumption.

downloadAfter graduation, Mandarin language studies took me to the other side of the world for work. Once I banked my first paycheck, I went straight to the local World Gym and got myself a membership.

World Gym was like a candy shop to someone used to just benches, squat racks, and the occasional leg press machine. Here there were multiple sets of everything, machines to isolate every muscle, and even a sauna and steam room!

Going to the gym turned into more than a hobby. Slowly, through learning more and developing a better mind-muscle connection going to the gym turned into a meditative escape.

This passion sparked Skinny Yoked. I want to write, edit and publish news, tips, and ideas on the thing I love most; bodybuilding.

download-1I lift 5-6 times a week, and I am currently at 6’2 and 190lb in pretty much a maintenance mode.

I am truly passionate about bodybuilding and fitness. We are far from masters of the sport and constantly looking to learn new things.

This thirst for knowledge and passion for sharing ideas is the engine behind Skinny Yoked.

Here I would like to foster a community of positive interactions among people with similar goals and visions.

Who knows where Skinny Yoked will go or how the website will change over the years; all I know is it will be an adventure and one that I’m looking forward to sharing with all of you!

Stay focused, keep lifting, and enjoy the process!

-Erik Bowitz

Editor, Skinny Yoked