Glossary of Gains: Complete Bodybuilding Dictionary

do you even lift


Abs: Stubborn part of the body, largely genetic; favorite muscle group of the bro.

Abduction: Movement of a body part away or outwards from the core; an “opening” motion.

Adduction: Movement of a body part towards or inward in relation to the core; a “closing” motion.

Adipose Tissue: Fat

Aminos: Amino Acids; a group of acids that compose protein; required for muscle growth.

Anabolic: The biological process of muscle synthesis.

ATG or “Ass-to-grass”: Squatting below partaken; to squat as low as possible.

ATP: Adenosine Triphosphate; molecular currency which provides muscles with energy.

Atrophy: The bane of weight lifters; the deterioration and loss of muscle due to neglect and excessive periods of rest or inactivity.


Bodybuilding: Building up of ones body through the proper implementation of exercise, diet and mental determination.

Bro: Short for “brother”; originally a respectful greeting, now commonly used sarcastically to refer to common muscle-heads.

Brotege: A lifter between novice and intermediate stages of lifting; a stage where an individual begins to experience first signs of gains, often leading to an increase in self esteem.

Bulk: A period of time when an athlete or bodybuilder consumes excessive calories in effort to support new muscle growth.


Concentric: The part of an exercise where a squeezing, pinching, pressing or “shortening” of a muscle is occurring.

Cut: A period of time when an athlete of bodybuilder consumes less food to create a caloric deficiency in order to shed excess body fat and enhance muscular definition.


Delts: Short for “deltoids”; the muscle group of the upper shoulder and an often neglected body part of the bro; Infamously difficult to grow.

bodybuilding terminologyDrop Set: Dropping the weight of an exercise incrementally without rest to completely exhaust a particular muscle group.

DYEL: Abbreviation for “Do you even lift?”

Dysmorphia: A mental disorder pertaining to inaccurate self-perception; “Muscle dysmorphia” is a particular type of dysmorphia where bodybuilders perceive themselves as too small when in actuality they are of above average size.


Eccentric: The lowering part of a motion whee the muscle is stretched or lengthened.

Ectomorph: A lanky and sometimes narrow-framed individual typically with a high rate of metabolism.

EFAs: Essential Fatty Acids; fats not produced by the human body, critical in bodily functions including hormone production, muscle synthesis and overall good health; Commonly sourced from nut oils.

Endomorph: A naturally stocky individual with a wider build and often times a slower rate of metabolism.


Fascia: Very tough sinewing tissue that protects organs and muscles as well as connecting different muscle groups and skin with underlying tissue.


Gains/Gainz:  Freshly built muscle; the result of a serious workout regiment, diet and/or drug use; A general aphrodisiac to women.

Gear:  Performance enhancing drugs including but not limited to anabolic steroids, human growth hormone (HGH), Clenbuterol, or other muscle building drugs; Considered “hardcore” as many of the biggest and baddiest lifters, including IFBB body builders use “gear”.


ISYMFS: Famous quote of C.T Fletcher, short for “It’s still your mother f*cking set”.


Jacked: A particularly muscular individual; large in size.


Mesomorph: The body type in between an Ectomorph and and Endomorph; the goldilocks body type.


Natty:  A bodybuilder or weight lifter that does not use performance enhancing drugs. Nutritional supplements such as protein, BCAAs and creatine are not generally considered performance enhancing drugs and are this often used by natural or “natty” lifters.


PR: Personal record; an amount of weight lifted exceeding the greatest total weight previously lifted.

Pre-Workout: A drink consumed prior to working out to get energy, prime muscles for exertion and generally get “pumped up” for the gym.


Ripped: An individual that is not only muscular but also exhibits impressive definition of musculature.


Shredded: A muscular individual with a body fat percentage so low it looks like their muscles and tendons are going to pop through their skin; the extreme form of “ripped”.

Swol: An abbreviation for “swollen”; the anabolic blood-engorging effect pumping iron has on muscles.

Swoldier:  A soldier of swol; one who mercilessly seeks out muscle fatigue and embraces pain for the sake of gains.

Swollemia: The opposite of bulimia; constant eating and preteen consumption caused by obsessive compulsive gains disorder.

Swollisis: Being chronically and incurably swol.


Tingle-face: A tingling sensation felt in hands and face after taking a particularly strong pre-workout containing beta-alanine and/or niacin.


Yoked: A particularly muscular individual; particularly someone with well-developed trapezius muscles, large enough to wear a yoke (harness applied to oxen for towing farm equipment).

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