SY is all about the sharing of fitness, health, and bodybuilding knowledge.

We have only begun our journey, so we are always looking for people with more experience in the field to share their thoughts, insights and philosophies on training and growing.

The type of knowledge we value the most and thus are MOST INCLINED TO PUBLISH and share includes but is not limited to:

  • Insight on little-known lifting techniques
  • Tips and tricks to maximize growth of particular muscle groups
  • Dietary tips to help hard-gainers and ectomorphs gain lean mass
  • Personal betterment and fitness philosophies
  • Self-growth via mind-muscle connections
  • Personal growth/experiments and case studies

The type of information we WILL NOT PUBLISH include but aren’t limited to:

  • Get big quick schemes (we know it takes time)
  • Commercial offers/pitches for unrelated products/services (we do accept product reviews, if relevant, credible and substantiated)
  • Negative Bullsh*t (Unless it’s sarcastic and funny as hell in nature)

So, if you have something you’d really like to share pitch it to us at erik [at]

Advertise With Us

SY maintains a small but very determined niche audience. If you’re brand and product matches the goals and aspirations of SY and it’s readers we would like to hear from you.

For pricing and details please contact us via erik [at]

Product Reviews

SY is a friend of supplements. We recognize the time saving, cost saving and unique benefit some supplements bring to the table.

In our pursuit of lean mass we are open to product reviews, testing or just private feedback from font-line gym testing.

If you have something that helps build muscle or facilitates muscle growth in some manner we’d love to hear from you at erik [at]


Hate all you want, we give zero fuckeths.