FNX Supplements Hype or Legit: A Complete Analysis

For years now, FNX has been hard at work, creating some of the best “Made in the USA” products on the market. They’ve slowly been creeping up the ranks in popularity in weightlifting and bodybuilding communities because they not only use high quality ingredients but they focus more on complete supplementation vs other companies that focus on a narrow set of products.

Nutrition is at least 50% of the equation for bodybuilders, so it is refreshing to see a supplement company acknowledge that and create a full array of wellness, support, performance enhancers and recovery supplements for a one-stop-shop solution.

This can save hours of time when comparing to manually creating similar stacks on Bodybuilding.com or Amazon.com

Most Impressive Offerings Reviewed

We’ve spent thousands of dollars consuming a wide variety of supplements over the years, and after looking into FNX products we have to say, they don’t seem to mess around when it comes to applying nutrition science down to the minutia.

This is refreshingly different from many other big supplement companies that under-dose or still push opaque “proprietary blends” which are always under-dosed and over-priced.
FNX Recharge preworkout
For example, their Recharge pre-workout has over 8,100mg of a L-Citrulline/Beta-Alanin/Agmatine Sulfate/Betaine HCL/Acetyl L-Carnitine/L-Arginine/L-Tyrosine blend.

That’s ON TOP of Vitamin C, Niacin, ZMA, B6, B12, Green tea extract, L-Theanine, Yerba Mate Extract, Guarana Extact, Cordyceps, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane.

The servings are quite large but they have to be to fit in the sheer amount of enhancers they include.

We were also impressed by their protein offering. Instead of slugging whey concentrate day and night, FNX offer whey protein in addition to AM and PM specific blends.

Granted, the average bodybuilder/weightlifter probably doesn’t need to categorize their proteins into morning/night, but for the serious experienced lifter, this small advantage may be worth it on stage.
FNX morning protein
The AM protein blend contains integrated fiber support, calcium and mineral support, 880mg of “smooth” energy via green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, guarana extract, yerba mate extract, which are augmented with cognitive enhancers like theobromine, thiamine HCL, and L-theanine.

To top it off they mix in 250mg of a probiotic blend to kick of your gut health in the right direction. The actual protein source is a blend of fast absorbing isolate and medium absorbing concentrate.
FNX Nighttime protein blend
The PM blend on the other hand is designed to be taken right before bed and features a slower digesting micellar casein protein to drip feed amino acids to muscles over-night, when they need it most to rebuild from the days damage. We’re huge fans of specific protein blends for specific applications and fitness goals.

Further enhancing the nighttime design of this product is a “FNX Sleep Hard Matrix” including magnesium aspartate, l-tryptophan, ashwagandha extract, L-theanine, valerian root extract, mucuna priuriens extract, and melatonin, all designed to help you fall asleep fast, get to deep REM sleep and stay there, maximizing the amount of time each night your body has to rebuild.

Victory Box Club

They also offer a no-brain-use-required monthly subscription box where they’ll send you a sampling of products so you can try various offerings over time to see if they impact your workout quality, recovery speed or sense of well-being.

The box also presents value, because with subscriptions the company can forecast demand and lower prices for you.

So for example, while the box comes in at $29.99/month, the contents (at least 3 performance oriented supplements plus workout plans) have a cumulative individual retail value of $100-140.00 per box.

Within this massive FNX supplements review, we will cover every product that they have to offer and focus on how they can help you achieve greatness.

FNX Supplements Review: List of Products

High five to whoever named the entire product range with “r” words, that couldn’t have been easy!

As mentioned, the nice thing about FNX is they have a complete stack, meaning they have you covered from general wellness supplements like healthy greens, to performance enhancers like high-dosed pre-workouts.

Below is a complete summary explaining exactly what each name is (because while naming everything with an R is cool, it can also be a bit vague sometimes) and it’s primary function.

You can bookmark this page or refer to this list in the future too if you are looking to adjust your supplement routine (cutting vs bulking for example) in the future.


Recover is the first item on our list. It’s a powerful BCAA product that helps promote muscle recovery.

By taking it regularly, you will recover from any workout in a matter of minutes. More importantly, thanks to its formula, it keeps you hydrated throughout the day.


If you require your daily dose of greens, then FNX’s Rebalance is the perfect mix for you.

Featuring at least five unique strains of grass, this product will provide you with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

And thanks to its all-natural ingredients, it will provide the much-needed support to your immune and digestive systems.


Recharge is one of the most popular products listed in this review. It’s an excellent pre-workout product that boosts your strength and endurance. In addition, it increases the oxygen uptake, massively helping you with cardio.


Sometimes, your body will need a boost, either in the morning or during those hard days. In order to reduce your mental fatigue and improve mental functions, you will need Restart.

This product is chock-full of probiotics, natural plant extracts, and whey protein. It’s a perfect blend to help your body get back on its feet and allow you to go about your day full of new energy.


Even the most active people need to rest from time to time. And in order to get a good night’s sleep, you’ll need something like Relax.

Thanks to melatonin and ZMA, Relax can help you regulate day-night sleeping cycles and break down glucose during sleep. But it also comes with extracts from both hops and the valerian root.

These two plant extracts will help reduce stress, anxiety, and other psychological issues that plague your sleep schedule.


No review would be complete without Rebuild, a powerful creatine-based muscle builder. Transforming ATP back to ADP, creatine can help you maximize your strength, bulk up the muscles, and improve their overall size and performance.

As one of the most researched compounds in the world, it’s no wonder that it became a major ingredient of Rebuild.


If your joints and skin aren’t elastic and durable enough, you risk serious injury. But with Resilience, your joints will maintain their original elasticity.

Furthermore, your skin will stay firm thanks to Resilience’s collagen peptides. The mixture is highly soluble, easy to absorb, and effective when used.


Yes, there is a boost to Recharge, and it’s as excellent as the original. If you prefer high-intensity pre-workout routines, your body will need beta-alanine for additional muscle endurance.

Moreover, Recharge+ contains thermogenic fuel for optimized performance and nitric oxide for improved oxygen uptake.


Reburn was tailor-made for people who want to lose weight. It not only burns unwanted fat but also boosts metabolism and increases energy.

In addition, each serving of Reburn will suppress your appetite and detoxify the body for an optimal result.


Are you vegan? If so, whey protein might not be the option for you. Luckily, this review is proud to cover the amazing Reform. Thanks to its 100% plant-based ingredients, Reform is the healthiest alternative to whey protein.

It will help you reduce the risk of various health issues, such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and specific types of cancer.


Krill oil is full of omega-3 fatty acids that our body needs. And FNX’s Renew is a krill oil-based product that has effects 48 times more potent than regular fish oil.

Taking Renew will help your lipid metabolism, as well as your cognitive functions such as memory, recall, and focus.


Revive is a potent blend of vitamins, zinc, and selenium — ingredients that help increase your testosterone intake.

The more testosterone your body produces, the more stamina and energy you’ll have. Furthermore, you’ll have increased endurance and heightened libido.

Resilience Collagen and Hair Gummies

Unlike regular Resilience, this FNX product comes in the form of gummies, making it easy (and fun) to ingest. And just like its namesake, Resilience helps improve joint and skin elasticity and makes them more durable.

In addition to that, it helps your hair and nails grow strong and regain their luster.

Recover Stick Pack

Imagine having Recover on the go! That was the basic idea behind the Recover 20-piece stick pack.

With each individual bag, you have a daily dose of your favorite BCAA additive, perfect for workout recovery and hydration. And since each stick is so small, you can literally put one in your pocket and have your workout anywhere.

Refresh Hydration + Focus

Refresh Hydration + Focus provides your body with the necessary vitamins and electrolytes. Thanks to nutrient-rich coconut water, Refresh will keep your body hydrated after an intense workout.


For those of you who need your dose of whey protein, Refuel might just come in handy.

Aside from whey, Refuel also contains casein, which will help rebuild your muscles during the night and keep you satiated throughout the day. Refuel itself is fast-acting, and it starts to rebuild muscle tissue immediately after the workout.


Reinforce contains a blend of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, two amino acids that are crucial to our body during a workout.

By taking Reinforce, you will have improved blood flow, and the nutrients will find their way to your muscles faster than before.

And with amazing hydration and increased oxygen intake, you’ll perform better and feel healthier after the workout.

Immune+ Complex

Yes, our immunity can sometimes take a dive. If that happens to you, taking Immune+ Complex is your best option. Thanks to compounds such as immunel and polycan, this blend will boost your immune system and reduce the risk of viral infection.

And if you happen to already be infected with a virus, Immune+ Complex will help speed up your recovery.

Recharge Stick Pack

Just like Recover, Recharge also comes in stick packs. So, if you don’t want to wear a bulky, plastic pack of Recharge, simply stick one pack in your pocket and go about your business.

A single pack will be enough for one workout, helping you boost your endurance and strength during cardio workout.


The last item of our FNX supplements review is Retire. This mixture of melatonin, casein, L-theanine, and valerian root is perfect for anyone who wants to get a good night’s sleep.

In addition, it will help regenerate and grow your muscles while you rest.

FNX Supplements Review: Final Thoughts

As you can see, these 20 products all have something different and unique to offer. If you’re still on the fence in terms of “are they legit or not”, we recommend searching them on Instagram or browsing some of their content on Facebook.

FNX sponsor some of the top professional weightlifters and bodybuilders across America and their unfiltered online klout is definitely positive.

One thing they all have in common, however, is top-tier quality and an all-natural approach. Hopefully, by reading this lengthy FNX supplements review, you’ve found your own powerful product of choice.

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