SHIFTED Stimulant Free Pre Workout Review

Today, I delve into SHIFTED Stimulant Free Pre-Workout, the Gummy Blast flavor. This potion promises to propel you further and build strength faster, as its jar boldly proclaims. After weeks of testing it through various push-pull, lower body, heavy squat, and high pump workouts, my verdict is a resounding yes. Let me explain why.

SHIFTED Pre Workout reviewed

SHIFTED represents the next generation of pre-workouts. Gone are the days of flashy marketing with zero label transparency; instead, consumers now demand full disclosure of ingredients. In 2023, transparent labeling is the bare minimum for contenders in the serious gym enthusiast market. Knowing what you’re putting into your body and how much of it is crucial for peak performance.

SHIFTED offers an array of supplements ranging from protein powders to weight loss aids, but today’s focus is on their popular Stimulant Free Pre-Workout. I prefer caffeine-free options as they allow flexibility in consumption without jeopardizing sleep or overloading on caffeine.

If you work a regular 9-5 and are already burned out of stimulants by the time you get home and ready for the gym then I recommend trying a caffeine-free preworkout like SHIFTED. They actually do a GREAT job of dialling you in without caffeine, it’s kind of freaky and makes me wonder if I even need caffeine anymore for workout satisfaction.

SHIFTED’s pre-workout encompasses not just energy but also addresses other bodily demands during exercise. It hydrates with niacin, vitamins B6 and B12, iron, magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

Performance-wise, it boasts a generous 8 grams of L-citrulline (rarely found in such high doses), 5 grams of creatine monohydrate for muscle gain, and 3 grams of taurine for endurance.

SHIFTED ingredient label

Additionally, it includes 3.2 grams of beta-alanine, 2.5 grams of betaine anhydrous, and 2 grams of L-tyrosine—solid dosages all around.

Unique ingredients like red spinach leaf extract (OxyStorm) and beetroot extract boost nitrous oxide levels while alpha GPC and L-theanine enhance mental clarity and focus.

ElevateATP for cellular energy, pink Himalayan sea salt for electrolyte balance, and rhodiola rosea extract which is an adaptogen that combats fatigue and enhances workout performance, to round out this comprehensive pre-workout.

With 20 servings per container, one scoop of this potent blend prepares your body for an intense workout. How much for the honor? Well, currently that’s $49.95 on the official SHIFTED website.

That might seem like a lot but for most high quality fully-dosed pre-workouts today that’s $49-50 range is just kind of where things are at with the top tier supplements.

While it’s similar in price to many competitors SHIFTED comes out on top when it comes to the completeness of the ingredients, which is probably do to them having Chief Scientific Officer who has a PhD in Exercise Physiology as well as an advisory board that has an additonal 3PhDs, an RDN, CISSN, MS, and RD.

SHIFTED Contains All The Patented Pre Workout Essentials

Then when it comes to the clinically proven trademarked ingredients SHIFTED comes out swinging hard here too with the following:

  1. AstraGin: AstraGin is an ingredient made from a proprietary blend of Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng extracts. It’s designed to enhance nutrient absorption and bioavailability. When I take AstraGin, it helps my body absorb vital nutrients more efficiently, ensuring that the other supplements I’m taking have a greater impact on my athletic performance. It’s like a booster for the other ingredients, making them work better.
  2. zumXR: zumXR is a trademarked time-release caffeine ingredient. It’s made by microencapsulating caffeine anhydrous in a lipid matrix. This slow-release feature means I experience sustained energy levels without the crash associated with regular caffeine. When I include zumXR in my supplement regimen, it provides a steady stream of energy throughout my workout, helping me stay focused and perform at my best.
  3. elevATP: elevATP is derived from a blend of ancient peat and apple extract. It works by stimulating the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in the body, which is the primary energy currency of cells. When I take elevATP, it helps increase my cellular energy levels. This boost in energy translates to improved endurance and strength during my workouts, allowing me to push myself harder and achieve better athletic performance.
  4. BioPerine: BioPerine is a patented black pepper extract containing piperine. It enhances the bioavailability of various nutrients and supplements. When I incorporate BioPerine into my routine, it ensures that my body absorbs other ingredients more effectively. This means that the nutrients required for muscle recovery, growth, and overall performance are absorbed more efficiently, leading to better results from my workouts.
  5. OXYSTORM: OXYSTORM is made from a standardized extract of Amaranthus, a leafy green vegetable. It’s rich in nitrates, which can increase nitric oxide levels in the body. When I include OXYSTORM in my supplements, it helps improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to my muscles. This enhanced circulation results in improved endurance and reduced fatigue during workouts, enabling me to perform better and recover faster.

In summary, SHIFTED Stimulant Free Pre-Workout is a refreshing elixir that caters to the modern gym-goer’s demands. Its transparent labeling and well-rounded formula make it a top recommendation for those seeking to elevate their performance without the jitters of caffeine.

SHIFTED stimulant free pre workout active ingredients

How Did SHIFT Work For Me?

For a month and a half, I’ve immersed myself in the gym with SHIFTED, a stimulant-free pre-workout, and I can confidently bestow upon it two enthusiastic thumbs up.

This elixir, the most potent and tantalizing of its kind that I’ve ever tasted, bursts with the essence of gummy blast – a flavor reminiscent of fruit punch’s vibrant embrace. The powder is fine and dissolves quickly without any chunks leftover at the end.

testing out SHIFTED stim-free

As the tasty not-overly-sweet liquid cascades down your throat, it quenches any lingering doubts about its efficacy.

For some background I’m a 6’2 male weighing between around 175-185 depending on the time of year or the cut/bulk cycle I’m in. I workout approximately 4 times a week and split those between push, pull, and legs currently. Gym session last about an hour and I try to push within 10% of failure each session.

The effects are nothing short of astonishing. I never fathomed that a caffeine-free concoction could transport me to such realms of focus and determination. Within this brew lies a symphony of ingredients that harmoniously work together to enhance mood, endurance, and recovery through hydration. A veritable treasure trove, SHIFTED bestows more value for your coin than its less generously endowed competitors.

This potent potion is tailored for those who crave the utmost quality in their workouts; neophytes and casual gym-goers need not apply. Reserve its powers for days when you seek to conquer Herculean feats – be it heavy squatting or endurance-testing marathons – as its magic is wasted on mere dalliances on the treadmill.

SHIFTED’s lack of caffeine is a boon for those who already indulge in the daily ritual of coffee or tea. Its invigorating effect ignites your afternoon gym sessions without leaving you tossing and turning when night falls. Relish in the rock-steady focus without succumbing to the jittery dance of over-caffeination.

As my muscles strained against iron weights, I could feel fatigue’s grip loosen under SHIFTED’s influence – enabling me to push beyond my limits with heavier loads and extra reps. The five grams of creatine monohydrate within undoubtedly played their part in this triumph – a time-tested ingredient renowned for its strength-enhancing prowess.

In conclusion, SHIFTED has captured my heart and become the pre-workout of my dreams. I eagerly await our future rendezvous, as we conquer greater heights together.

If you’ve never tried a stim-free preworkout or you have reservations about how impactful a PWO without caffeine can even be then I challenge you to give SHIFTED Stim-Free a try. You won’t regret it!

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