Nootropics For Strength Athletes: 6 Pros And 3 Cons 

Nootropics are supplements or cognitive enhancers you could use to improve your memory and boost energy levels, concentration, and alertness. Various types of nootropics curb different defects like attention disorders, insomnia, and others. 

Athletes are using nootropics supplements to boost performance and brain activity. If you’re one of them, nootropics may considerably influence your mental performance. Before you start using these supplements, here are some advantages and disadvantages you ought to know about:

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Pros Of Nootropics  

Nootropics may boost your brain functionality immediately after your first dose or after consistent usage. They may offer long-term or short-term benefits based on what you’re using. Here are some of the advantages of nootropics:

1. Boosts Brain Performance 

Every activity we do in our daily lives requires a lot of effort from our brains. You become unfocused due to piercing muscle pain while working out in the gym or during team training. Luckily, nootropics may improve your brain power by enhancing your focus, memory, and brain performance.  

As an athlete, you must be on top of your game to reach your goals. Active brain activity and performance are critical for achieving this objective, especially for athletes in single-player sports, wherein you solely rely on your own. 

With the advice of your physician, you may consider using nootropics supplements like Alpha Brain to help support your cognitive functions. This guide, compiled by an expert, will help you decide on the best nootropics to use.

2. Improves Your Sports Performance And Stamina 

The most beneficial effect of nootropics on athletes is the ability to boost their overall sports performance. Because of the fast-paced environment, an athlete must be active and alert on the field and quick on one’s feet. The outcome of one’s performance will depend on how fast you think and on a certain situation while in the game. 

Nootropics may improve your mindset and concentration. It also increases your energy, keeping you alert and active throughout the play.

3. Enhances Your Mental Health 

Exercising is one of the best remedies for improving your mental state. However, it can be draining and exhausting mentally and physically. With nootropics, you don’t need to worry about this because it can boost your mental stability, reduce fatigue and keep you sharp throughout the exercises. 

Athletes face so much pressure from their managers, fans, and competitors. It may cause distress and reduce their overall mental performance. This is when nootropics can help fight the fatigue that one may feel. And as a result, it can boost cognitive performance and alertness.

4. Inspires Creativity 

Nootropics will not only improve your memory and concentration capacity, but they’ll also stimulate creativity. Sometimes, even the top-performing athletes may find it challenging to strategize during tight situations. As an athlete, it’ll help you think of creative strategies and techniques to help boost your performance. 

The way nootropics boost your creativity differs. Some may boost creativity by increasing dopamine, a type of neurotransmitter used by the body to send messages between nerve cells.

5. Increases Your Testosterone Levels 

Testosterone is the men’s hormone that determines their overall body mass, strength, sperm production, and libido. Low testosterone levels may affect your mental performance, physical fitness, and ability to outdo your competitors. While you could follow various diets and nutrition, nootropics supplements can also work in improving your testosterone levels. 

You must maximize your anabolic hormones to build strength and muscle, or you’ll never attain your full potential. Luckily, there are natural nootropics you could use to boost your testosterone levels and minimize side effects like man boobs (gynecomastia) that may arise from unnatural boosters containing dangerous prohormones.

6. Reduces Your Cortisol Levels 

Cortisol is the stress hormone that works with your brain to regulate your mood, morale, motivation, anxiety, and stress levels. It controls your sleep cycle, and blood pressure levels increase the amount of glucose in your body and determines protein, carbohydrates, and fat usage in your body. 

High cortisol levels in your body are unhealthy and may lead to health problems and diseases. Intense exercise is likely to increase your cortisol level, and considering this is your daily routine, you may want to consider using nootropics to balance your cortisol level and reduce stress and anxiety.

Improved sleep can also drastically help improve your fitness progress simply because the body repairs and rebuilds while it sleeps and at no other time so if you’re skipping out on sleep you’re also skipping out on recovery, which in effect means leaving potential progress on the table.

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Cons Of Nootropics 

There are always two sides to every coin. Some scientists argue that nootropics may contain some ingredients that may be harmful to your body. Here are the common disadvantages of most nootropics: 

1. Possible Side Effects for Some

Like any other supplement, nootropics may have some side effects due to their ingredients or a reaction with other medicines you may have been using. That’s why you must consult with your doctor before undertaking any supplement.  

The common side effects of nootropics include: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Restlessness 
  • Headaches  
  • Hypertension 
  • Insomnia 
  • Increased heart beats

2. Poor Manufacturing and/or Low Quality Ingredients 

Manufacturers of different nootropics use different ingredients, some of which may create health problems for you. These ingredients may include preservatives, additives, synthetic compounds, fillers, and others. You may have an allergic reaction or upset stomach to some of these ingredients.  

Prioritize checking the nutritional data used to manufacture these smart drugs before consuming any supplements. Other elements that may cause a reaction in your body include: 

  • Nuts 
  • Dairy 
  • Gluten 
  • Silicas 
  • Soy 
  • Artificial colors and preservatives

3. Some Nootropics Are Costly 

Some nootropic supplements are expensive. You’ll need to be ready to invest in nootropics if you want to use these supplements continuously. You may find most cheap nootropics to be of poor quality and not as effective. It may be because the manufacturers might have used synthetic ingredients of low quality. The body has difficulties absorbing such supplements, and it may result in gastrointestinal issues.

Skinny Yoked Conclusion 

The manufacturing process and ingredients used may differ from one nootropic to another. They help boost your overall functionality, but some may come with possible side effects. Therefore, you must consult your physician before taking any of these supplements. 

The advantages and disadvantages discussed will help you weigh your options and decide whether you’ll use nootropics or not. With everything considered, nootropics are generally good for your health and cognitive functions. 

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