Cymbiotika: Cutting Edge Critical Nutrient Support

There was always a segment of the population that was fitness-and-health crazy, but now especially, both these areas have taken center stage. In fact, if there’s anything good that’s come of the lockdown era, it’s that people are paying long-overdue attention to their health and fitness—a lockdown trend that’s hopefully here to stay.

It’s only natural, then, that the sale of supplements has surged and with “natural” having become the buzzword of the decade, organic, naturally-healthy products are increasing in popularity. One such company that’s caught the attention of folks around the world for its natural, vegan, science-backed array of products, Cymbiotika is touted to be leading a nutritional revolution.

Cymbiotika is produced GMP-certified (required certification if you’re shopping for quality supplements), are vegan, soy-free, organic, gluten-free, keto, sugar-free, made in the USA and are GLP rated (Good Laboratory Practice similar to GMP for manufacturing).

If this brand’s caught your fancy or your curiosity, here’s all you need to know about Cymbiotika and its products.

Key Products: An Overview

Founded in 2018, California-based Cymbiotika may be the new kid on the block, but it’s earned quite the reputation for its innovation in the wellness field. Its products are rooted in science and research, made using open-sourced plant-based nutrients; GMOs, chemicals, fillers, synthetics, preservatives, sugars and additives are a strict ‘no-no’! The supplements help correct nutritional deficiencies, aid detoxification, longevity and healthy aging.

The total range include anti-aging, athletic recovery, beauty, brain performance, children, cleansing, energy, gut health, immune support, nootropics, peak athletic performance, prenatal an sleep supplements. Essentially, Cymbiotika can be your one-stop-shop for reliable, tested, high quality organic supplements. Ordering from just one brand also usually equates to more cost savings as well.

Some of the company’s key products include:

Regensis review

Regenesis: Regenesis is Cymbiotika’s answer to better health and immunity. In addition to improving the innate immune response, Regenesis mitigates food and environment allergies, helps the body detoxify itself of heavy metals, neutralizes free radicals and helps strengthen the signals between the brain and gut microbiome.

Some key ingredients in Regensis that athletes and bodybuilders will probably recognize include glutathione (combination of amino acids glutamine, glycine and cysteine), lactoferrin, MCT oil, monk fruit, Coenzyme Q10, B vitamins and sunflower oil. Combined this makes a immune and health support supplement that seems tailor-made to address the stressors of intense workout programs.

Synergy C review

Synergy C: Synergy C helps in collagen production, reducing free radical damage as a potent antioxidant. Due to this, it also helps increase skin elasticity, keeps joints flexible and serves as a natural antihistamine, while also reducing iron deficiency, bone growth and density, immune system function, productivity and mental clarity.

Vitamin C is essential for maintaining a health immune system and we all know when you’re sick you can’t work out and that means lost gains. Synergy C is a organic form of Vitamin C containing lemon peel oil, orange peel oil, sunflower oil, l-ascorbic acid from fermented tapioca and Vitamin E, rounding out one of the most balanced Vitamin C formulations on the market.

best D3 K2 COQ10 source

Synergy D3 K2 COQ10: This supplement helps balance the thyroid gland while supporting normal clotting of blood, promoting the production of energy and ATP and neutralizing free radicals that, if left unchecked, can turn harmful. Synergy D3/K2 contains not just these essential vitamins but a host of other longevity and health related ingredients that on their own would cost a fortune. These include beta-carotene for skin/nail/eye health, ubiquinol for antioxidative cellular support, selenium (an essential mineral), Vitamin E, K2 MK4, K2 MK7 and Vitamin D. All naturally derived of course!

Vitamin D3 has been shown to be essential for immune function for people who are unable to get enough natural Vitamin D production via the sunshine. This means if you live in a place with long rainy/snowy winters you should be supplementing with Vitamin D (D3 + K2 is the best form) to maintain healthy biological function.

best coated silver source

Coated Silver: One of its most popular products, Cymbiotika’s Coated Silver is the most cost-effective source of silver available, certified by the US government. The supplement has a concentration of 20,000 ppm (highest in the world) and excellent stability leading to an extremely long shelf life. The product works to support healthy sleep cycles, improving the amount of regenerative sleep and also boosts the immune system.

golden mind brain nutrient review

Golden Mind: Golden Mind truly strives to keep the mind golden, improving energy, alertness and mental focus, while enhancing learning abilities and memory. The supplement shields the brain from oxidative stress and inflammation, reducing mood swings, migraines, brain fog, neurotoxin accumulation, anxiety and depression.

DHA and EPA Astaxanthin

The Omega: Touted to be the most advanced fish-free Omega-3 available, The Omega is another one of Cymbiotika’s most popular products. The product efficiently achieves everything traditional Omega-3 fatty acids, minus the fish. Therefore, it improves mental focus, hormonal balance, longevity and healthy aging. It also supports mental endurance, men’s reproductive health and prevents age-related issues like glaucoma and cataracts.

Synergy B2 micelle

Synergy B12—Micelle Delivery System: Synergy B12 improves nerve cell function, cellular energy, cognitive health, homocysteine balance, metabolism and cardiovascular health. It also helps improve bone health, the formation of red blood cells, cognitive function and even symptoms of depression.

Unique Selling Features

The following are the unique features that lead to Cymbiotika’s popularity:

  • Completely natural, using only open-sourced natural plant-based ingredients; therefore, no GMOs, preservatives, synthetics, chemicals, fillers, sugars, additives or preservatives are used
  • Each supplement created to battle a specific nutritional deficiency
  • The most advanced technology of bioavailable absorption used
  • Innovative wellness products backed by scientific study
  • All products are grown indoors and separated from the pollution cycle and hence, are mercury- and radiation-free

Cymbiotika review

Cymbiotika vs Competitors

Being the niche industry that it is, the natural health products industry doesn’t have many major players and therefore, high competition. Even then, Cymbiotika manages to stand out for its excellent quality, innovation and its variety of highly-concentrated liquid solutions.

Additionally, Cymbiotika’s formula seems to have quite a bit of clinical support and backing. The products are also subjected to rigid tests, quality control and component accreditations. The company provides an entire list of tests that their products go through on their website.

The company’s trump card is its Coated Silver, sold as the “ultimate immune defense”, developed and refined through years of experience and study. The supplement also ensures safe travel in airplanes by shielding users from any airborne germs and viruses.

The Omega is another best seller, using algae oil sourced from non-GMO, indoor-grown, wild strain algae from Canada, which is then mixed with natural MCT oil, Icelandic astaxanthin and sea buckthorn oil.

The Omega is one of the most popular fish-free Omega-3 supplements in the market, marketed as “the most innovative fish-free Omega 3 available”. The Synergy D3 is another popular supplement.

Cymbiotika also offers customers an auto-ship program, where customers can save up to 20% on purchases, making the company one of the most cost-effective brands available in the market. Additionally, unlike traditional supplements, Cymbiotika’s products are sold in highly concentrated forms and users can take them either directly or mixed with food. Customers can also buy very reasonably-priced bundles from the company in easy-to-use packages to help customers increase their immunity and well-being.

Is Cymbiotika Legit?

Cymbiotika is a leading dietary supplement brand, reputed for pure, clinically-backed supplements, all sourced and tested in the United States. Though the company’s quite popular and stands apart from its competitors with absolutely no synthetic ingredients, its Coated Silver is a one-of-a-kind product, with the highest concentration of pure colloidal silver, developed by a recognized Ph.D. scientist.

Additionally, all of Cymbiotika’s products are versatile and safe to ingest, going through a series of tests and quality control checks.

All said and done, Cymbiotika manages to tick all the boxes when it comes to natural health products, displaying no signs of being a scam or failure. So when it comes to a question of whether Cymbiotika is a legitimate company that sells legitimate products, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’!

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