Why You Need a Metal Straw

Metal straws.. they aren’t just for heavy metal dandies, they are for eco-minded individuals who frequently drink pre-workouts, post-workouts and BCAAs.

cheap metal straws

Metal straw: great for pre-workout.. oh and Guinness cups..good for Guinness and preworkout mixing.

I recently received a bag of metal straws a gift, and although initially skeptical, I’ve grown to become a massive fan of them. First, if you are going to the gym multiple times a week and needing to dissolve powders on a regular basis, you are probably currently using a spoon.

Spoons are cool and work just fine. However, metal straws are pretty fun to drink out of. Here is a picture of a cup of pre-workout with my metal straw (and straw cleaner next to it).

A few of the cool benefits of using metal straws:

  1. They just look cool. Anything normally made of plastic done in metal is just badass.
  2. They make your drink seem cooler because metal cools down quick. Tastes good.
  3. Serves as a stirring/mixing tool and drinking tool at the same time.
  4. You’re helping save the planet as plastic straws kill mother nature.
  5. Helps you drink your pre-workout or BCAAs from the bottom-up.

The last point is a really big one. Even the best pre-workouts, with everything instantized, usually leave particulate at the bottom of the glass. If you are drinking normally from a cup you always notice you’re missing out on some good bits at the bottom of the glass which usually are wasted or need more water added to get them down.

Drinking with a straw however sucks the pre-workout up from the bottom of the glass like a vacuum, meaning at the end there is zero wasted beta alanine, creatine, BCAA powder or whatever chemical you tried to initially completely dissolve but failed to do.

So there you go. Metal straws.. they are cheap, durable, easy to clean and make drinking boring shit more fun. Your best bet for finding good deals would either be online at Amazon or at your local retail giant like Target or Wal-Mart.

Give them a try and let us know what you think!


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