Supporting Muscle Growth By Augmenting Your Diet With Quality Supplements

A big part of the Skinny Yoked philosophy for gaining muscle and living healthy is the augmentation of a balanced diet with nutritional supplements.

Sure, we admit it, the supplement industry often over-hypes the potential effects their particular products will have on your performance.

Manufacturers in the bodybuilding industry can be some of the most deceptive when it comes to promised results and dosages.

TL;DR: Vitamonk is one of the more fairly priced and transparently dosed supplement companies out there and worth consideration next time you stock up. You can shop them directly via Amazon.

That’s why extra due diligence is needed when selecting something you intend to take long term to help you achieve your fitness goals.

For example, when selecting something consumed multiple times a day, like a whey protein supplement or multivitamin it is important to do some research not just on the brand itself but also on the ingredients included in the product.

All that said it is definitely worth researching some vitamins, minerals and herbs that have scientific backing regarding their ability to increase natural biological processes relating to building muscle and living a long and healthy life.

We’ve written before on what our ideal type of stack would be for building as much muscle as possible and that stack most definitely included vitamins and minerals.

Since I am currently living in Taipei Taiwan I’m always on the lookout for new providers of the vitamins and minerals I incorporate into my daily routine.

Not wanting to waste money on overpriced crap from GNC I recently had the opportunity to test out a few supplements from Vitamonk. They looked legit so I got 3 bottles and gave them a go.

Who are Vitamonk and What Do They Offer?

Vitamonk is a small but growing natural supplement company who “prioritize purity and healthfulness in our products and clarity and transparency in our business.”.

This piqued our interest so we figured we should do a little hands-on review of the brand and some of their more bodybuilding-oriented supplements.

They offer a dazzling variety of different supplements from daily multivitamins to brain-boosting nootropics and longevity support pills.

It seems safe to say that if there is some scientific evidence supporting a positive measurable impact from a nature-based supplement then Vitamonk probably offers it for sale.

Vitamonk offerings
Vitamonks massive selection of herbs, vitamins and minerals to support all natural bodily functions, including for this case study, muscle growth.

On every product page you get a full breakdown of what is included in the pill/tablet and its intended function on your body once ingested.

This includes fully transparent labeling, which in the fitness industry in particular is a MUST for us, as well as links to scientific studies supporting the product claims.

Very few companies do this and it’s an extra step that we respect.

How is the Quality?

When it comes to quality there are a few things to take into account. First of all, where is the supplement produced and under what conditions were they produced/packages.

Also, what individual ingredients are included, and of those ingredients, are they the most impactful, bioavailable versions?

All three of the Vitamonk supplements I tried clearly state on the bottle they are “Made in the USA”, which for a patriot still means something to me, and that they were produced under GMP manufacturing standards.

GMP stands for “Good Manufacturing Process” and is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to stringent quality standards.

This certification is issues by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering and is globally recognized.

On top of being made in America and under GMP conditions all of the supplements I tested had fully transparent labels. This is important because nutritional supplements are only passively regulated by the FDA.

This means you do not need FDA approval to sell a supplement and the agency only steps in when they think there is a problem.

This is kind of scary when you think about it as what you are ingesting comes down to how much you trust the company you are buying from.

Unfortunately in business there will always be unscrupulous sellers using unsafe ingredients which can be quite dangerous.

Vitamonk on the other hand tells you exactly what is in each supplement, and you know they’re telling the truth because of their GMP practices and generally positive reviews on various websites where they are sold.

Some Unique Supplements for Bodybuilders

I chose 3 different supps from Vitamonk to try as I did some research into their active ingredients and felt these three are uniquely suited for supporting a healthy lifestyle even in the face of strenuous weight training 5-6 days out of the week.

Below are the three different offerings I tried:

Skinny Yoked review
The three options I chose to take for a test drive over the last few weeks, pterostilbene, testotrax and adrenaxell.

Supp #1: Adrenacell

AdrenaCell is a trademarked concoction of vitamins, minerals and herbs that support healthy adrenal function and combat fatigue, which can sneak up on the unsuspecting bodybuilder with ease.

Adrenacell has a few key ingredients that have been proven in the bodybuilding community to support wellness, recovery and muscle synthesis.

These include things like KSM-66 Ashwagandha, which is a potent form of Ashwagandha and more powerful than the raw herb which supports healthy testosterone levels in men.

Additionally we have Macca, Ginseng, tons of B vitamins and a very healthy dosing of magnesium, which is an essential metal required in bodybuilding diets for gains to be made on a consistent basis during rest.

Supp #2: Testotrax

Speaking of testosterone, the second supplement we chose to review from Vitamonk is called TestoTrax.

This particular supplement is designed with one function only; to boost and support healthy testosterone levels. The benefits thus for a bodybuilder to supplement with this are obvious.

Testotrax contains a solid dosing of B vitamins, including a the addition of basic elemental metal copper to support overall testosterone production.

There is also Fenugreek extract, with 50% fenusides, meaning it is potent, and macca root powder as well which is a proven natural test supporting herb.

Supp #3: Pterostilbene

Finally, the last product we tried was called pterostilbene and this isn’t a proprietary blend it is simply pure pterostilbene which is a less talked about longevity supplement with studies showing it can help support DNA repair because of it’s super potent antioxidant nature.

While resveratrol has been getting a lot of the attention, pterostilbene is also a potent antioxidant found in wine.

However, instead of drinking bottles a day to get topped up on this amazing antioxidant we figured giving it a go in pill form would be much more convenient long-run.

>Read our full overview explaining what pterostilbene is and why you should consider adding it to your vitamin stack.

The Skinny Yoked Final Word

Overall we are impressed with Vitamonk. We like their simple, transparent branding and labeling as well as their massive selection.

Looking through the list of different supplements on offer we can’t help but feel like a kid in a candy store.

Do we think natural supplements will turn is into superman and help us escape our own mortality? Obviously not.

But for someone who regularly exerts unnatural levels of stress on their body via resistance/weight training, we feel it is worth every penny to “up” our nutritional intake to try to offset the excessive stresses we purposefully subject our biology to on a regular basis.

You can give Vitamonk a go and check out their entire product line at

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