The Best Bodybuilding Motivational Videos On Youtube

Youtube can be a great audi-visual stimulate when prepping for an intense gym session. Music is one of the powerful motivators on earth. Combine a dope track with the best highlights of some of the greatest human specimens of bodybuilding of all time and you have the perfect recipe for a pulse-quickening, adrenaline priming, pre-workout motivational video.

Great Bodybuilding Motivational Videos

One of the best composers of motivational bodybuilding mashups is simply a man who goes by Zhasni Bodybuilding. His videos combine powerful dubstep/edm soundtracks with footage of the gods of iron working out spiced with motivational quotes from the builders themselves.

This is one of our all-time favorite motivational videos of all time. Some of the quotes included in this compilation include:

“Sets and reps, and they train by the numbers. That’s beginning bodybuilding. An advanced bodybuilder expresses themselves from within. It is an innate creation that effects your body. It’s about the emotion, about the way you feel, the music, the towel, the bar, the shoes, you create it and YOUR ENERGY CHANGES THE BODY”

— Anonymous

“If it was possible. This. Would be too f*cking big. But once again. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE”

— CT Fletcher

“I stay humble. I stay driven. At the end of the day this is what I do. This is what I strive to do and I want to be the best bodybuilder in the word. ”

— Flex Lewis

“There’s no secret man. The secret is just CONSISTENCY AND HARD WORK.”

— Phil Heath


— Ronnie Coleman

This video is so dope we challenge you not to go to the gym after watching this!

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