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Best Places to Buy Clothes For Tall Skinny Guys

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Shopping as a tall skinny guy is tough, the world isn’t cut out for ectomorphs.

Adding muscle to the factor only limits the options many tall skinny men have when shopping. 

It’s a fact that most mass produced clothing for men is designed and manufactured in a way to maximize profits.

This means that cuts are made not to look good on a certain body type but instead look “ok” on all body types.

Luckily there are actually plenty of options out there for gym wear, casual wear and formal wear. You can skip to a specific section if you know what you are looking for:

Best Brick and Mortar Shops for Skinny Guys

The fewer customizations a company makes with their shirts/pants the more money they save.

Factories may only charge another fraction of a sent per variation however when multiplied by tens of thousands variety becomes expensive.

gainer for ectomorphs

This is why nothing you ever get from big name brands at JC Penny or Kohls ever seems to fit “right”.

For example, a “large” t-shirt is designed for a large American man. This means tall and probably round around the waist as well.

So, if you’re 6’2 and get a large plain white t-shirt but you’re a lean body type it will end up fitting length-wise just fine but more like a parachute circumference-wise.

Essentially, if you have an ectomorph body type then buying clothes off the shelf from big-box retailers that fit well is pretty much impossible.

All is not completely lost however, as in recent years their have been some European brands to open up shop in America that provide some alternatives to Kohls and JC Penny.

We have experimented with hundreds of different clothing manufacturers and have identified the top 4 widely-available clothiers for tall skinny “ectomorphic” body types.

If you want to be a baller, a shot caller, then these are the brands available at your local mall that you should check out:

Local Mall Option 1: H&M

clothes for skinny guys

Like most of the 4 clothiers on this list H&M falls into the “fast fashion” category.

This means they aren’t fashion setters but instead jump on trends as soon as big expensive brands establish them and produce variations at a much more affordable price.

So while that Louis Vuitton scarf may look dope you can bet H&M will have something that looks just as good for 1,000% less.

Large at H&M doesn’t mean “fat”. This means string beans have a much larger variety to choose their wardrobe from.

Whether it be regular v-neck t-shirts for summer or close fitting knit cardigans for fall/winter H&M lines, both the Basics and the seasonal lines, offer good fitting options for people looking for tall and form fitting cuts.

H&M is number one on this list because they have stores everywhere, look awesome and offer prices that just can’t be beat.

The only downside to H&M is the fact that it is technically “fast fashion”, which means the quality may not always be top notch.

From personal experience, it’s hard to keep a pair of H&M jeans beyond 2 years of solid use, and sweaters get a bit stretched out/ragged after a few years as well.

Still, if budget is your primary concern then H&M is a great option.

Local Mall Option 2: Banana Republic

clothes for ectomorphs

Before you roll your eyes at the name that you’re middle aged uncle loves so much heat us out a bit.

Yes, Banana Republic’s styles aren’t as young and hip as what you’ll find at H&M. This is because Banana Republics target demographic is a bit older and a bit richer than H&M’s.

However, while H&M offers a huge variety of clothes for daily living, night-life and casual-business Banana Republic is up to their ears in good fitting business-formal attire.

Business pants, sweaters and cardigans and jackets from Banana Republic all are top of their class in terms of professionalism and class.

Even though they are owned by GAP because they are their “premium label” the cuts are a bit more refined and thus the fit for tall athletic body types is much better than GAP itself.

Banana Republic provides options for the working ectomorph that H&M sometimes can’t provide.

While the price may be a bit prohibitive, it’s worth checking out next time you need to get a coat for the office, it’s worth the extra price as it will last.

Banana Republic isn’t #1 because of their high price point. Keep your eyes open for sales.

Local Mall Option 3: Uniqlo

clothes for tall lanky guys

Uniqlo is like the Japanese equivalent of H&M. Just like their cars and electronics Japanese don’t’ f*ck around when it comes to clothes either.

With up-to-date styles at insanely affordable prices Uniqlo always has what you need, whether it be for lounging around the home or going into the office.

Since Uniqlo is Japanese and Japan is not full of fat asses the cut of their clothes are probably the slimmest out there and thus perfect for tall/lean body types.

Japanese have plenty of tall people don’t worry, you’ll have no problem finding 34+ length jeans here.

Some of the best Uniqlo find are their stretch jeans and their cool/dry t-shirts. Uniqlo was one of the first international clothing retailers to offer stretch jeans for men.

Women have been wearing stretch jeans for years and for good reason, they’re comfy as f*ck.

We’re not in middle school anymore. Say goodbye to your Jnco’s and embrace form fitting clothes because women sure do.

Uniqlo plain cool/dry t-shirts are cheap, come in a variety of colors and are offered in both crew and v-neck. The material is light and dries sweat insanely fast.

This editor has several of these t-shirts and has worn them for 3+ years and they still look good. Excellent bang for your buck.

So, if you’re traveling to Asia anytime soon or just one of the coast consider hitting up a Uniqlo for a shopping spree because you won’t find a better harmony of quality, style and pricing.

Local Mall Option 4: Zara

zara for thin men


Zara is similar to Banana Republic in they are at the leading edge in terms of style, offering and even trend setting with sometimes outright crazy fashion.

That’s what makes Zara interesting, you’ll always see something a bit over the top, something you’d wear to a night-club or cocaine binge and nowhere else.

Their suits can be either flamboyant or conservative but with a nice cut. The picture to the right was taken in Zara dressing room.

The suite was quite large which made room for more upper body bulk, although the pants were a little tight.

Thankfully Zara has plenty of more “conservative” options to choose from. Zara is a fast fashion retailer from Spain and targets a slightly higher end fashion than Uniqlo and H&M.

While Uniqlo and H&M might be considered mid-upper/mid range fashion Zara hits the mid-range to high-end spectrum of design and style.

The selection for form fitting pants, shirts and button up shirts is endless. If Banana Republic is the go-to for the office then Zara is the go-to for the lounge bar or night club.

Prices are extremely reasonable, in line with H&M, which is awesome for what you get.

Downsides to Zara include the fact that sometimes their cut is just a bit too slim.

For a 6’2 ectomorph with an athletic build at 200 pounds it is sometimes difficult to find pants that don’t constrict in the quad area or shirts that aren’t stretched too tightly across the chest area.

Another downside to Zara is the lack of retail shops across America. Bountiful in Asia and Europe you may have to travel a bit to get your Zara fix. If you do we guarantee it will be well worth it.

So there you have it, 4 relatively affordable clothing retailers that offer a nice balance of style and fit, especially for the taller lankier gentlemen out there.

Best Gym Clothes & Athletic Fit Brands Online

If you are willing to shop online then there is a whole new world of brands that suit skinny body types and skinny-athletic body types extremely well.

The downside to ordering things online obviously is you don’t get the opportunity to try before you buy.

Fortunately most e-commerce brands today offer free returns and have very detailed “fitting guides” that help you choose shirts and pants based off a few key body measurements.

If a brand does not have a fitting guide, or the fitting guide is simply torso length for shirts for example, avoid them like the plague as this will surely result in a baggy, ill-fitting parachute of a shirt.

The following brands are designed for active lifestyles and beautifully marry athleisure with casual Friday vibes for some of the most versatile wardrobes imaginable.

Athletic Option 1: Rhone Clothing

Official Website:

Rhone workout shorts

Winner of Men’s Health magazines “best workout shirt of 2019” Rhone is an American brand that has exploded in popularity due to their practically engineered yet understated stylish apparel.

Rhone reviews are raving, from Men’s Fitness to Forbes to GQ the hype train just never ends..

Run by a collective of self-professed “weekday warriors” the whole mantra of Rhone is one of practical and stylish active wear.

Rhone uses state of the art materials designed to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.

Other major brands have sweet materials, like Adidas and Nike, but their styling is always a bit flashy, a bit gym-specific.

Rhone makes more conservative, logo-free clothes both for the gym and for the street.

In fact, the only branding on most Rhone items is a subtle “triple X” stitch incorporated subtly into a shoulder seem.

Some of our favorite items are their Swift Shorts. These are perfect for running to the grocery store in comfort and or directly to the gym.

The cut is shorter, so you can show off your quad work. They also stretch and have a built in liner to keep your junk in place.

Rhone shorts reviewed

Of course there is a built in zipper pocket as well to keep your iPhone or keys. Gym shorts without pockets are an absolute joke to be avoided at all cost.

Another awesome product are the Rhone Commuter Pants. Featuring plenty of pockets, a stretchy crotch, flexible/stretchy fabric all around, articulated knees and complimentary hemming these are some of the most versatile pants anywhere.

Rhone is perfect for tall skinny guys as their clothing are all pretty much “slim fit” as they incorporate spandex into just about everything.

If you are on the fence there is proof their shirts and pants will look good because of the model details (height/weight) provided on each product page.

This allows more accurate estimations and more confident shopping decisions.

You can find this key information bottom right corner of each product page, under the actual product details are the “Model Details” where they tell you the stats of the guy actually wearing the clothes in the product images.

90% of the time this guy is 6’1″ weighing in a 190lbs which makes them PERFECT for ectomorphic guys and tall skinny dudes.

The pricing isn’t cheap, but again, if you want cheap then you have Zara off-the rack.

Rhone spends up to 4X more on materials than other brands which makes them feel good and last.

With clothing, like many things, you really do get what you pay for, which makes a Rhone a bargain in the long-run.

Athletic Option 2: Vuori Clothing

Official Website

If you are looking for a little more Cali style in your active wear then Vuor Clothing may also be worth checking out.

Based in Encinitas California the brand has become popular for their stretchable, breathable, surfer-inspired shorts.

They have literally dozens of different varieties of shorts for all occasions including swimming, surfing, hiking, working out, running or just hanging out.

Average lengths are a bit longer than Rhone’s shorts, so if you have been skipping leg day or are just a little selfconscious about your quads than you should look into what Vuori has.

Our favorite model is the Stockton Short. The outer part has that nice 70’s retro inspired cut, with simple colors and a slight cut on the bottom side hem.

There are pockets and a drawstring too, so they is adjustable and practical.

Vuori Stockton liner shorts

The Stockton shorts also feature a built-in boxer brief liner that is slightly longer than the shorts themselves.

This style has been popularized by basketball players who prefer athletic underwear but enjoy the flexibility of shorter shorts.

Another benefit of the longer built-in liner is to disguise skinny legs, which is something tall guys regularly suffer from.

Again, Vuori is PERFECT for tall skinny men as evidenced by their models, which are almost all over 6 foot.

The model for the Stockton shorts is 6’2″ for example, at 190lbs, so you know these should suit you well if you have a similar body type.

Vuori also has a massive selection of fitted, stretchable joggers and jogger-inspired pants that work great for ectomorphic body types.

They don’t look super baggy and use subtle tapering to make even the thinnest legs appear a bit more athletic than maybe they are.

Vuori joggers

In terms of variety Vuori is king. The massive selection can make choosing items a bit confusing, but if you know what you’re looking for the options are quite refreshing.

Vuori is another American brand making waves and getting solid reviews around the web so we highly recommend them.

Athletic Option 3: Olivers Apparel

Official Site:

If Rhone and Vuori are a little too “athletic” and not enough “fashion” then Olivers Apparel might just be the brand for you.

Olivers Apparel is another California-based brand (LA) that focuses more on casual wear for the athletic man, not so much on workout clothes that can double as casual wear.

Sure, they have a nice selection of shorts that could be a gym-go to, but their styling is something that we’d personally prefer to rock out and about.

For example, their Henley shirts, both with short sleeves and long sleeves are the perfect summer accessory.

Olivers henley

Whether it be playing a pickup game of football at a backyard BBQ or taking a weekend camping trip, the colors, materials (lightweight wool that is odor resistant, water repellent and self-temperature regulating) are perfect for active lifestyles.

We also like how the upper body/torso fit is quite tight, which is great for taller skinny guys who may have narrower shoulders.

Another strong product from Olivers are their Passage Pants. Featuring 4-way stretch, durable CORDURA threads they are perfect for the office or lounging around town.

Olivers Passage

Joggers are trendy and all, but the Passage Pants can be cuffed up and worn with a button up for casual Fridays.

They also feature a gusseted crotch allowing for more freedom of movement.

This means they are as comfortable as joggers but look quite a bit more classy and for this reason Olivers Apparel is a must-check out if you are looking for something comfortable, athletic and classy at the same time.

Athletic Option 4: Public Rec

Official Website:

Last but certainly not leas on our list of kick-ass athletic brands great for skinny body types is Public Rec.

Public Rec first made waves in 2015 with a wildly popular kickstarter campaign to make clothes that were “more stylish than sweatpants, more comfortable than jeans” and boy did the succeed!

Public Rec review

With glowing reviews from GQ, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Askmen to name a few they more recently picked up a lot of street cred by sponsoring Jason Kipnis, a two-time American baseball all-star athlete.

Public Rec’s formula is simple, make clothes that are stylish enough to wear out around town but comfortable enough to play casual sports in and wear all day long without discomfort.

Their two signature items are the “all day every day pant” and the “all day every day shorts”.

Public Rec everyday pants

Both feature innovative materials like fabric that is a blend of nylon and spandex to allow for durability and stretch.

They also feature elastic waists with drawstrings for maximum comfort, no matter how thin or thick you may be.

While Rhone, Vuori and Olivers Apparel seem to trend towards a more slim-fit, which is great if you are skinny and looking to appear a bit bigger, Public Rec goes for a more lose casual fit.

Public Rec then is better suited for athletic individuals who may find other brands a bit restrictive or overly tight-fitting.

Custom Tailored Dress Clothes

This section is dedicated to custom tailored formal wear and is currently under construction. Check back regularly for a completely updated page and guide.

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  1. Tina

    January 25, 2018 at 3:06 pm

    I’m looking for shirts (tops) for my 15 year old…he’s 6’ 1” – 6’2” & 190? … need more casual graphic t’s & hoodies
    I don’t really wanna pay top $ on stuff he may still outgrow

    • Erik Bowitz

      January 27, 2018 at 5:26 am

      Hi Tina! I used to buy all my tshirts at Target for a while, their in-house brand Mossimo. They were plain, no graphics, but came in a variety of colors and were well fitted for my longer torso without being baggy. I believe Target has rebranded the Mossimo line so you may have to do some digging, but yeah, check Target out.

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    Just wanted to throw our name out there for any readers, we have the best t-shirts for tall skinny guys that you can find!

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    Do you have dress shirts for guys with really long arms, but skinny neck (15.5 neck; 36 arms)?

    • Erik Bowitz

      February 25, 2018 at 4:05 am

      Hi Regina! Best company making dress shirts for guys with long arms and skinny necks would be Zara in my opinion.

    • Tara Marshall Johnson

      February 28, 2018 at 5:47 pm

      My husband is a very similar size 15.5″ , 36/37 on a dress shirt. We have also had luck with nordstroms…hit their semi annual mens sale and you can get a good deal on dress shirts.

  4. OK-KO.Panda

    March 23, 2018 at 6:14 pm

    I would recommend Topman, RiverIsland, Next and New Look as those stores provide clothing with XS, XXS, XXXS sizes. As out of my own experience there are cases when a standard “Small” size is too big, especially when it comes to tops and jackets.

  5. Kirklana

    April 6, 2018 at 9:58 pm

    I use the MTailor app for my 6’6″ son who is 180 lbs for all of his dressy shirts.

  6. Ben

    September 28, 2018 at 1:12 pm

    For business wear take a good look at Express. For cheaper untailored suits look at Combat Gent.


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