Bodybuilder Skin Care Regimen for Avoiding Pimples

Ok, the title may be a bit of a hyperbole.. “ultimate” is kind of an overstatement given how many great facial lotions are out there that we’ve tried, let alone in the world.

Before we get to what we think is one of the best moisturizing mattifying lotions for men, especially active gym goers, let’s recap that fighting acne requires a long-term and comprehensive strategy. It’s about fighting a war, not individual battles.

For this reason you have to cover washing, moisturizing and spot treatment all to create an overall clearer and healthier complexion. Ignore one process and it can ruin the whole effort.

In an article about fighting gym-induced acne we’ve mentioned before two killer moisturizers, one for night time use called “[easyazon_link identifier=”B00FEXCHD6″ locale=”US” nf=”y” tag=”skinyoke-20″]Naruko Night Time Tea Tree Gelly[/easyazon_link]” (yes that’s Jelly with a “G”) and the other is Neutrogena’s Oil Control Mattifyer for daytime use.

Importance of Night Time Oil Balancing Moisturizers

The Naruko product is specifically designed for night time use, to hydrate and help regulate oil production so when you wake up and start your day your skins not in full oil pump mode and instead is revitalized and calm.

The Body Shop Mattifying Lotion (Vegan), Tea Tree, 1.69 Fl Oz
  • Our tea tree mattifying lotion is a lightweight daytime moisturizer suitable for blemished skin.

The ingredient list is absolutely stacked, it’s got all the skin repairing and acne fighting components of high-end facial care products including tea tree oil, mint, saw palmetto, zinc PCA, snow fungus, salicylic acid, witch hazel, plus some other proprietary stuff.

Try a tub of this, you’ll know it’s some legit sh*t when you open the cap and take a whiff.. it smells like essence of “refreshing”.

Daytime Skincare Regimen For Bodybuilders

Finding a lotion that hydrates whilst controlling oil and also mattifying all at once is a pretty tall order. We’re looking for the whole trinity, the Three Musketeers of acne fighting.

1. Hydration:

Hydration is too often overlooked, particularly by men. The logic goes: “If my skin is oily as f*ck why would I want to add more hydration, wont’ that just make it oilier?” ┬áThe answer is simply “No, it will actually reduce oil”.

The reason your skin is making so much oil is because the harsh drying acne fighting soaps you’re using makes it think it’s in an overly dry/harsh environment and causes it to boost oil production. By hydrating you’re telling your oil glands to chill the f*ck out.

2. Oil Control:

There are plenty of hydrators on the market, in fact hydration products are probably the most common type of skincare cream out there, however most don’t address oil production at all and focus just on hydrating.

Tea tree oil helps control oil and eliminate pimples through it’s natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Mattifying:

Mattifying is simply the process of removing/eliminating shine. Women do this easy with the various powders they apply to their faces, but men, without powder are kind of left out of the loop.

Finding a product with something to absorb oil/reduce shine is key to making it the perfect all-day moisturizer.

However finding a comprehensive facial product for active men that sweat a lot isn’t impossible, think of it like squatting.. getting the form down requires some serious work, and pushing weight requires even more, but the benefits of the squat are wholistic as f*ck.

We’re looking for the “squat” of facial products for men.. and we found one.

Best Tea Tree Lotion: Body Shop Skin Clearing Lotion

The name of this Body Shop product is pretty damn long, and it’s got a bunch of languages on the front so it’s not the clearest but for reference, the whole English title and subtitle of this product reads:

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Lotion: Lightweight hydration with oil control for clearer looking skin. Infused with Tamanu oil

bodyshop tea tree skin clearing lotion

What you say, where does it say it mattifies?

Well, oil-control by default should help produce a less shiny complexion primarily because that “shine” is caused by excessive oil secretion from your sebaceous glands. Control the source of the problem; deal effect of problem.

Also, for whatever reason, in the French description of the product they do specifically say it is a mattiying product as “matifier” is, you guessed it, mattifying in nature.

So does this Body Shop moisturizer hit the key 3 points highlighted above? Let’s check..

1. Does it Hydrate?

Very much so! Tea tree oil, willow bark extract and Tanamu oil all help hydrate, fight inflammation, calm irritation and help skin regenerate.

Many products have tea tree oil, but few include Tanamu oil like this product. Tanamu helps repair previously created damage.

2. Does it Control Oil?

Yes, over a period of time. No product is going to shut down your oil glands overnight.. the only way to do that is to, well, shut down your entire body (as in dying).

Since that’s not really an option we just have to swallow the hard truth that it will take a couple weeks for the magical penetrating properties of the tea tree oil and tanamu oil do their work and help signal to our face that “hey, we got plenty of hydration already, enough with the excessive oil guys!”tea tree oil skincare review

*Double down on hydration to calm your oil production by using a moisturizer while you sleep at night.

Sleep is your bodies natural “recover and rebuild” period.. you know, when all the real “gainz” are made. Take advantage of the downtime by moisturizing like a mofo before bed.

The Naruko Tea Tree Nighttime Gelly mentioned above is like cocaine for the face, no joke.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”312″ identifier=”B00FEXCHD6″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”skinyoke-20″ width=”500″]

3. Does it Mattify?

We haven’t found a product that mattifies 100%, but that’s ok because in reality, skin shouldn’t be 100% matte.. only if it’s heavily powdered with makeup will skin have zero shine.. and even that isn’t considered all that attractive by many.

A tad bit of shine exhibits youthfulness, energy and vibrance.

mattifying moisturizer

The Tea Tree Oil Hydrating Lotion by The Body Shop addresses mattifying through two processes.

The first is the long-term effects of reduced oil production caused by the repeated use and action of the tea tree oils and tanamu oils.

The second process is more immediate and is the absorption of excessive oil by a powder mixed into the formula. This oil absorbing powder is known as aluminum starch octenylsuccinate and is in many mattifying-specific skincare products.

Other Key Pluses of this product include it’s widespread availability, pleasant smell and relatively affordable price, it can be had on the official Body Shop website for fifteen buckeroos or on Amazon for often just a little less.

Given how common Body Shop stores are you can also just find one near you and go try it out before you purchase if you want.

Skinny Yoked Summary

In summary, this all-in-one oil controlling, moisturizing, mattifying facial lotion is one of the best products we’ve found simply because it is all encompassing.

You could buy a separate product for each issue (i.e a moisturizer, oil control toner and mattifier) but then you’re spending 3 times the amount.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Moisturizer is about all you need for daytime, however if you do need more they have a whole Tea Tree line to help you completely tackle your skin issues head on with the same determination you tackle your workouts in the gym.

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