The Man-In-Red Leaves MuscleMeds

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Multiple sources are reporting that Kai Greene, the future Mr. Olympia champion (yes, we’re calling it!) is no longer with his long time sponsor Musclemeds. SY followed up and it appears that indeed Kai is no longer with Musclemeds.


Musclemeds is no longer listed as his sponsor on his official website. Additionally, Musclemeds no longer lists Kai under their sponsored team page here. Some are speculating he was “fired” from Musclemeds but that seems highly unlikely given his longtime relentless promotion and 2015 Olympia contention.

Kai has been sharing a new website called on his official Facebook page so we are guessing this is either A. a new sponsor or B. more likely his own supplement company.


Honestly, we here at SY aren’t too upset that Kai’s seemingly left Musclemeds. While we enjoy some of their sponsored content like the “Train with Kai” series we’re not fans of their addiction to indecipherable proprietary supplement ingredients. WTF is Anabolic Nitrogen Retention Technology (ANRT) anyways? GKG, OKG, AKG, KIC… the list of confusing ingredients in Carnivor is endless and there are much better beef proteins out there that specifically don’t rely on Gelatin for their protein sources. Check out Betancourt’s Beef Standard if you want to try a quality beef protein.

Seriously, can the commercials get any worse?

The Dynamik Muscle website was updated today to include a separate button specifically for retailers, wholesalers and distributors. This would seemingly confirm that Dynamik Muscle is indeed a supplement company.

Furthermore, it appears a duplicate version of the site (  is still indexed (it should be 301’d into the root domain) that shows that the site is being built on the Shopify platform, preferred CMS for online retailers/product-centric companies.

Finally, we can’t help but think it is no coincidence that the branding of this new company is red, that the “C” in “dynamic” has been replaced with a “K”.

If this is indeed Kai Greene’s only supplement line then we officially wish him the best and are excited to find out more!


Kai Greene’s Dynamik Muscle is indeed his own supplement company and they have released details on 2 of their supplements!

The firs supplement released to the public is called Savage and is a pre-workout. The ingredient profile is pretty standard amongst top-tier pre-workouts like O.N Gold and Pre-Jym and Betan Court Bullnox. That is, it includes Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate 2:1, L-Tyrosine, L-Carnitine and Caffeine.

The best thing about this pre-workout is the lack of proprietary blends compared to Musclemeds where almost everything has some “space-destroyer-max-gain blend” title that really didn’t tell us much about the product. Props on the ingredient transparency Kai!


It’s also cool that it doesn’t contain creatine, as it’s often times easier to monitor dosages when creatine is supplemented separately compared to when it’s included in a vague amounts in pre-workouts.

The most interesting ingredient is called AcroFuel, which is 98% Acrecoline Hydrobromide. What is that? It’s an alkaloid extracted from the betel nut palm seed. Ok, wtf is that? Well betel nuts are actually one of the most popular stimulants in the world, used primarily through southeast and east asia.

Betel nuts are popular with blue collar workers and truck drivers who chew them to help keep alert and power through their long shifts. It will be interesting to see the effects 3mg of this alkaloid will have on the body. Congratulations Kai on your first trademarked ingredient as well, seems the way to go with the likes of Carnosyn and Creapure being as popular and widely used as they are.

The next supplement to be released from Dynamik Muscle is called Gamma-Ray and promises “vicious vascularity, skin ripping pumps and unparalleled strength”. We’re guessing this will be some type of N.O booster/ creatine supplement.

What we’re most excited to see is what type of protein Kai releases through Dynamik Muscle. Will he stick with beef or go all whey or perhaps a unique blend of whey+beef+egg/casein? Now that would be bad*ss!

Stay tuned for updates!

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