A Bodybuilder's Guide to Tanning: Sculpting Golden Physiques

Tanning. A much controversial yet fundamentally natural part of being a living organism on a plant that revolves around a burning ball of gas. It’s omnipresence kicks off our days and let’s us know when it’s time to get some rest. The sun generates massive amounts of energy, drives our ecosystem, and ultimately, more pertinent to this blog, can create a golden skin tone that not only accentuates muscle definition but also easily increases the aesthetic quality of a bodybuilders physique 2x.
Tan vs pale is a no-brainer contest, but there are also important variables to take into consideration when evaluating how much sun you should get to enhance your physique.

What Constitutes Healthy Sun Exposure?

So let’s address the big old medical elephant in the room first. Is tanning harmful to your skin? Most definitely.
The ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun can ultimately cause premature aging of the skin as well as skin cancer.
On the other hand, the sun is critical for sustaining life on earth and our human biology has also developed critical sun-dependent functions, such as the ability to synthesize vitamin D, a critical fat-soluble vitamin that is found naturally in very few foods.
The human body has found a way to harness the power of the suns exposure to the skin to allow it to synthesis vitamin D itself. This critical vitamin promotes calcium absorption in bones, modulates cell growth, neuromuscular and immune function as well as the reduction of inflammation and hormone regulation.
So on one hand, some claim the sun is a giant ball of evil and must be avoided at all costs. Others (sometimes literally) worship the sun as a god and soak it up, often to their detriment.
The truth is, MODERATE sun exposure is healthy, while under-exposure and over-exposure are both UNHEALTHY. Finding the sweet middle ground is tough and relies on either modulating the impact of natural UV rays via skin protectants aka sunscreen OR via controlling the source of the UV rays themselves, aka tanning machines.

Natural Sunlight vs. Artificial Sun

As long as exposure is kept to safe moderate levels, both options are viable routes to achieving adequate sun, although going the el natural route of sunscreen + outside fun is by far the cheaper of the two.
Still, having a sunlight machine or tanning bed at home is a great way to very precisely control how much exposure you get and may be preferable for people living in geographic areas that make getting natural sunlight difficult (places with long dark winter months for example).
Below we break down the best options for bodybuilders when it comes to A) tanning outdoors safely with some of the best-reviewed tanning lotions and sunscreens on the market or B) tanning at home with lamps and beds. At the very end of this article we highlight a popular temporary solution in spray tanning.
bodybuilder tanning lotion

Sunscreen vs. Bronzers vs. Lotions

There are a wide variety of tanning products, ranging from SPF70+ sun protec
tants engineered to be used all day out in the full direct light of the sun to products like bronzers that have lower SPF numbers, usually 5-20% that allow for more UV rays to reach the skin to pure moisturizers with zero SPF protection.
Sunscreen is designed to be used outside to protect form the unfiltered rays of the sun. Bronzers can be used indoors with tanning machines or outdoors but lack the longevity and full-spectrum protection of sunscreens. Lotions simply moisturize, often provide zero UV ray protection and are used for indoor tanning where duration and intensity can be controlled for a safer environment.
The type of lotion or bronzer you use should be determined by a few criteria including but not limited to:

  • Do you plan to be outside or inside
  • If outside, how long and in what conditions (dry, sweaty, in/out of a pool/body of water)
  • If inside, what type of tanning device do you plan on using?
  • What is your base tan?
  • Are you highly susceptible to burns?
  • What’s your budget?
  • How frequently do you plan on tanning?
  • Do you need to be tan year round (competitive bodybuilders for example) or are you just getting tan for a wedding/big event?

These answers will dictate what type of lotion or bronzer you need.

Best Bodybuilder Tanning Lotions Of 2020

How to know what lotion is best for you? Get the proper guidelines as to how to choose the best tanning lotion among the wide variety…
Anyone looking for a tanning lotion is bound to be faced with a difficult time making a choice between the multitudes of variety that is available in the stores today.
With the increase in demand for tanning lotions many business minded individuals have set up companies producing tanning lotions to cash in on the trend.
On the one hand this gives the interested individuals a wide variety to choose from but on the other hand it becomes extremely difficult to gauge the quality of a product.
One can easily come under the influence of the deceptive advertising campaigns of some of the tanning lotions that seek to exploit the customers. Hence one is required to exercise caution when choosing the best tanning lotion.
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best australian gold tanners

Australian Gold Products

Looking for a great tanning lotion? Get the info on the latest Australian Gold Products to hit the market in our complete guide of all A.G products. The raise in demand of tanning lotions can be directly linked with the spread of awareness of the health concerns of getting your skin tanned in the sun.
As much as the public enjoyed baking in the sun they have had to give up the practice because of the negative effects that could have on the body. Much to the deliverance of the tan hungry masses there came about a tanning lotion revolution that offered them the perfect alternative.
Today the market is loaded with many different manufacturers involved in the production of tanning lotions. These tanning lotions vary in respect to their ingredients and the desired effect that they aim to generate.
Australian Gold is among one of the leading companies in the skin care beauty products industry. So it comes as no surprise it was the #1 selling brand in 2019. Tanning lotions fall under this very umbrella of skin care and beauty products and Australian Gold is renowned for its high quality tanning lotions.

The latest Releases (2020)

Below are the latest and greatest lotions A.G has to offer. From premium products for resort use to more affordable products for a day on the lake, Australian Gold has you covered, literally and figuratively!

Sinfully Black Deep Bronzer
This is a highly advanced formula set to release in the near future. It is considered to be a sixth dimension bronzer that roasts the skin and gives it that bronze touch that could only be achieved through the direct light of the sun.

The formula contains bioactive bronzing minerals that do not only help in getting the tan right, they help to keep your skin healthy as well.

Cheeky Brown Accelerator Bronzer

This is one of their classic items that is being re-launched into the international market. This newer version has a more powerful formula which is why it is considered to be an extreme bronzing lotion.

Botanical Mineral Lotion

This delicious sounding tanning lotion has an equally delicious affect on the skin. The lotion has more of a creamy gel type texture that is pleasurable to put on the skin anyways.

Australian Gold Botanical SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, Non-Chemical Sunblock with Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide, Native-Australian Ingredients, Water-Resistant, Citrus Oasis Fragrance, 5 Oz
  • POWERFUL NATURAL SUNSCREEN FOR SKIN SUN PROTECTION - The gentle Australian Gold Botanical SPF 30 Mineral Lotion with zinc & titanium offers broad-spectrum protection that blocks harmful UVA & UVB rays, for a refreshing powdery-clean feel
When the cream begins to work its wonders then one truly realizes the worth of this tanning lotion.

Hot! Bronzer

This super hip sounding tanning lotion actually works as a dual bronzing accelerator. The use of this cream puts on the tan in good speed. Australian gold has also managed to release a whole new collection of products by the name of colorology.
This interesting theme based collection features the latest technological advancements that have been made in the study of tanning lotions.

Products like Rumors and First Blush have taken the market by storm. They work as excellent bronzers while working to remove those unwanted wrinkles as well. Another collection by the company is based on medical concept solutions.
The variety of products that fall under this category include tanning lotions that have the potential to work as eye moisturizers, facial creams, cleansers and of course the tan is but a given.
california tan cypher brand review

Cypher Tanning Lotion Review

Cypher Indoor tanning lotions today have never been so popular. Part of this is due to the fact that there is increased awareness about the dangers of exposure to UV rays from the sun. Orange hands (hello Donald Trump!) are a result of over exposure to the active ingredient inside these lotions, while streaking is a consequence of not applying the cypher  lotion in the correct way.
Fortunately both of these can eliminated provided you take the time to familiarize yourself with the correct method of application before you embark on your indoor tanning experience.
One of the keys to understanding how best to use these lotions is to know that it is DHA which is the active ingredient in most products which brings about the tanned look by using amino acids in the skin to create melanoids which are the natural substance in all skin that gives it it’s color.
California Tan Cypher Step 1 Indoor Tanning Lotion retails at US $37.45 for a 6.8Oz bottle. These are the specifications of Cypher brought to you by California Tan:

  • Ultra advanced lotion for those seeking the very best step 1 tanning lotion without a bronzer
  • Silicone formula leaves skin feeling silky smooth
  • California Tan’s most advanced formula to date – Uses technology to identify and address the areas of your skin that need it the most
  • Fragrance: Zesty Lime Verbena

Bright orange hands are a common unsightly side effect of the indoor tanning process.
The reason this tends to happen is because your hands come into prolonged exposure with the cypher lotions due to the fact that it’s your hands that are applying the stuff to your entire body. The best way to avoid this is just to keep washing your hands every five minutes or so. This prevents the lotion from having enough time to really sink in to your skin and cause that deep orange color.
One of the biggest problems people come up against when using cypher indoor lotions is streaks. The two keys to avoiding streaks is to apply the lotion swiftly, and in circles.
By doing it this way as opposed to simply running your hands straight down your legs, you are ensuring more even distribution of the lotion hence avoiding any dark streaks.
Generally, its recommended to start applying the lotion from the top of your legs downwards, then from your hands upwards to your shoulders and then finally to cover the trunk of your body front and back. Before applying cypher indoor tanning lotion to your skin it’s best to get in the shower and give your whole body a really good scrub. What this does is ensure that the lotion gets to work on fresh skin cells which will in turn prolong the life of your tan.
As it is these lotions only provide tans that remain for up to a week at the most so its important to maximize how long you can enjoy the fruits of one application if only by a few days. Exfoliating your skin before tanning could make the difference between a tan that lasts 2 days and one that lasts a week. Caution is always advisable when using these cypher lotions, especially if you don’t have much experience with them.
While it may be tempting to go far that deep bronzed look straight off the bat it’s not advisable to do so. Not only are your chances of messing up the tan higher with more visible results, but not everybody actually looks good with that deep bronze look. You should start out with a mild tan to see if it suits you then you can better judge whether or not you should try for a deeper bronze tan if you till want more.
best outdoor bronzers

Desirable Qualities in Tanning Lotions

There are a number of things that you should consider if you are looking for the best tanning lotion. When it comes to outdoor tanning lotions protection from the UV rays is the most important thing. Hence you should make sure that the product that you choose offers you maximum protection from the sun in real terms.
Secondly the lotion should not over amplify the tan because as it is the sun will have its effect on the skin and you don’t want the bronze tan to turn to black. When it comes to indoor tanning lotions you will find them to be made of various chemicals and irritants. Some indoor tanning lotions actually contain melanin which is the pigment that gives the skin its natural color.
It is important to make sure that these components are in due balance so that they don’t cause any side effects on your skin. Getting the perfect tan is not the only thing that the best tanning lotion will have to offer you. You also have to take care of your skin. Hence the ideal tanning lotion should also act as a moisturizer that keeps your skin soft and smooth.
This is a very important feature that you should look for in both indoor and outdoor tanning lotions. Some people tend to mistake tanning lotion with sunscreen.
In truth however both these perform opposite functions. Whereas sunscreen is meant to give you protection from the harmful rays of the sun, tanning lotion on the other hand is meant to amplify the effect of the very same UV rays that sunscreen is supposed to protect you against.
Tanning lotion works its wonders on the skin due to certain special ingredients that promote the melanin production in the skin. Some tanning lotions actually make use of melanin itself to achieve this purpose. Another reaction that the tanning lotion has is that it increases the blood flow under the skin.
The melanin production naturally increases as a result of the increased blood flow. It is gradually forced to the upper most layers of the skin there by having a tanning effect on the body.  You can either buy large 12oz and bigger bottles for use over an entire year or you can buy small single-use packets, which are great for vacations or use at indoor salons.
This specially formulated tanning lotion does achieve its purpose and also protects the skin against the damage that the UV rays of the sun have the potential to cause. The other kind of tanning lotion is specifically for indoor use. Such tanning lotions do not have the qualities of sunscreen in them

Bloodflow Increasing Lotions: The Tingling Sensation Explained

Indoor tanning lotions promote the blood flow at the level of the skin. This effect is known as the tingle factor. The process gets its name due to the tingling sensation that it arouses in the skin when the ingredients of the tanning lotion start to take action.
The science behind the use of indoor tanning lotions is slightly dubious. In fact it would be far more appropriate to term it as a theory rather than established empirical scientific evidence. The reddening of the skin, which is the target of these tanning lotions, is actually accomplished by making use of chemicals and irritants which in our everyday life we would want to avoid making contact with.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 2
Supre Cherry Bomb Red Hot Dark Accelerator Tanning Lotion 8 oz.
  • 1.Supre Tan Cherry Bomb Hot Dark Tanning Maximiser with Skin Firming Cherry Extracts 235ml
Before you rush headlong into purchasing the tanning lotion that costs the least there are some important considerations that you need to make. You want to ensure that the product that you purchase is cheap in terms of money and not in terms of quality.
Hence picking up the product that offers you the lowest price may not always be the best thing to do, especially in the case of tanning lotions.

Cheap Price Vs Cheap Quality

Human skin is quite sensitive. As it is tanning lotions are loaded with chemicals and irritants.
A cheap quality tanning lotion that is relatively unheard of cannot and should not be trusted by the claims that it makes. It is very easy to make tall claims and often times you will find the cheap tanning lotions to be making the tallest of claims.
When you end up falling for the trap then only you realize what exactly “cheap” means in relation to the product that you have just purchased.

Judging Cheap Price Vs Cheap Quality

The market is full of many different brands producing tanning lotions of varying kinds. The range of tanning lotions varies according to their effectiveness as well as their prices.
But for those of us who cannot afford the high end tanning lotions there are certain brands that are well reputed for producing tanning lotions that actually work and are moderately priced.

Best In-Home Tanning Beds & Lamps

In home tanning is increasingly popular as a way for people to get their healthy vitamin D synthesis in a controlled environment. Tanning beds have many advantages over outdoor tanning including:

  • The ability to control the intensity of the rays
  • The ability to get tan in any season
  • The ability to get tan quickly when it fits your schedule/not weather dependent
  • Ability to control time/duration of exposure to minimize risk
  • Ability to tan in the nude (good for professional bodybuilders who often take the stage in nothing more than a speedo/thong or bikini)

In terms of beds, it’s most likely most cost effective to just hit up Groupon or head to your local tanning salon and pay by the month because beds brand new are in the thousands of dollars and also consume quite a bit of electricity, so if you are looking for full-body tanning, it’s most likely going to be much easier to pay someone else.
If money is NO ISSUE, then we’d go straight for the Sunless V58 Verticle Tanning bed with RGB LED lighting. This is essentially the Cadillac of tanning booths complete with remote control, 2.1 sound system, voice guide capability, digital time display with touch screen panels and custom lightning potential.

SUNLESS V58 Unique Vertical Tanning Bed with RGB LED Decor
  • DRGB LED décor light with several attractive lightning effects (remote control operated)
Again, this is a major investment, so if you’re not sharing it and you aren’t a competitive bodybuilder we don’t really think it’s worth the money. You can get by with paying for sessions at a salon or using a smaller counter-top device for tan-upkeep.
So, if you are just looking to get your vitamin D levels up at home, Sperti makes a great selection of timeless sun tanning lamps that fit on a counter-top so you can get your daily dose of vitamin D production without spending thousands.
Sperti™ UVB Home Phototherapy Lamp - Your Winter Sun Substitute, Elevate Immunity, Stronger Bones, Better Mood, 7-Year Warranty, 5 Mins for Improved Health - Trusted USA Company
  • EMBRACE THE POWER OF UVB FLUORESCENT BULBS: Experience the sun's natural benefits through balanced UVB rays emitted by this advanced technology. Feel revitalized, uplifted, and healthier by harnessing the power of indoor sunshine. Bring the transformative...
Sperti has two best selling models, one for counter-top use for upper body tanning and vitamin D synthesis called the Sperti KBD Sunlamp, which is technically a “phototherapy lamp” no a full blown tanning solution. This lamp features 4 bulbs, plugs into a regular electrical outlet and comes with safety glasses to protect your eyes.
Sperti Maintain Your Summer Tan Through Winter Fiji Sun Indoor Tanning Lamp Adjustable, FDA Cleared, Auto Timer & UV Safety Glasses - Trusted USA Company
  • Salon quality - No need to carve out time for an appointment. Fiji Sun lets you conveniently achieve a smooth and even glow from the comfort of home.
If you need to get some exposure on your lower body, the Sperti Fiji Sun Home Tanning Lamp is probably up your alley, as it is the bigger brother of the above mentioned KBD lamp. Slightly wider, but still utilizing 4 high output bubls the Fini can be moved from floor to counter to maximize even exposure. It is also compact so it can easily be stored out of sight in a closet or spare room.

Best Tanning Bed Lotions & Moisturizers

Looking for the perfect indoor tan? Learn what to look for and how to get your hands on the ideal tanning bed lotion that will deliver the desired results.
The market has a plethora of choices for individuals looking to buy the ideal tanning bed lotion. Make a quick search on any search engine and the crawler will throw back a multitude of options for you to choose from.
There are many different kinds of tanning lotions ranging from bronzers to indoor tanning bed lotions and the tingle factor based suntan lotions to name a few.

UV Protection

The main aim of making use of a tanning lotion is to give the skin a deeper and natural looking tan that is reminiscent to the natural tan that one develops after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
Making use of tanning bed lotions to develop the tan is a safer alternative than exposing your self to the harmful rays of the sun.
In today’s health and style conscious world tanning bed lotions are the prime alternative for people who want that tan as well as the protection from the sun.

Remember: Safety First!

ogus half natty definitionThe tanning bed lotion can be rightfully termed as the sunless tanning lotion because it rids you of the necessity to expose your skin to the sun’s harmful rays.
Since you will be making use of the tanning bed lotion within the confinements of your home the risk is eliminated from scratch.

The Rise of the Popularity of Tanning Bed Formulas

Basically a tanning bed lotion is to be used with a tanning bed. These are specially produced beds that emit intense rays that help to give the skin the desired color.
The use of these beds is common in beauty salons and those who can afford it have them in their homes as well. The invention of tanning beds has relieved those individuals looking for a nice tan of depending on the sun’s light. It has also relieved them from the great dangers that tanning in the sun has.
The convenience of tanning beds in an indoor setting has attracted more people to beauty salons in order to try out different tans. This increase in demand has given birth to a wide variety of tanning bed lotions which are an essential component of the indoor tanning process.

Moisturizing Lotions

Although these tanning bed lotions are loaded with irritants and chemicals which may some times have a bad reaction on your skin they are generally formulated to benefit the skin in different ways. The best of tanning bed lotions will not just give you the desired tan but will also act as a moisturizer that keeps your skin nicely hydrated and cleansed.
The popularity of tanning bed lotions can be directly linked to the mass awareness campaign that was initiated a few years ago regarding the harmful effects of tanning in the sun. Shortly after that you had the inventors among us coming up with the concept of indoor tanning with a tanning bed and the tanning bed lotions.
Today you will be able to find tanning salons in abundance offering safer than normal tanning solutions to their customers. There is a considerable amount of variety when it comes to buying tanning bed lotions as well because each product has its own specialty and worth.

Emerald Bay Tanning Lotions

Looking for Emerald bay sun tan cream? Treat your skin with the kindness that it deserves with the ultimate tanning lotions from Emerald Bay. Among the many different brands involved in the production of tanning lotions is Emerald bay.
emerald bay tanning lineThe company has established quite a following over the years and has become a leader in the industry. With the competition catching up the company is ever involved in releasing new and improved products so as to keep their market edge.

The Emerald Bay Product Line

The fact that makes the wide range of products from Emerald Bay different from its competitors is the use of unorthodox ingredients. These ingredients are what give their products the special features that act as their unique selling preposition.
From the scents to their effects each product from the company has something special about it. Since people have different skin types they are sure to find a product from the company that will nicely complement their skin.
Each product from the company is easily available through the internet where you will be able to find many independent distributors. Alternatively you can go for the company’s original store which will be able to offer you the complete variety of Emerald Bay products.

Midnight Surf

This is one the company’s leading products in the market today. The rich cream gives a dark tan and has a fabulous delicious smell. The interesting lotion is composed of grape seed oil that is derived from the best quality grapes.

This special ingredient gives the lotion powerful anti-oxidant properties that provide the skin with its much needed nutrition keeping it soft and smooth.

Classic Dark n’ Dazed

This is another product from the company which is a highly potent tanning lotion. The formula for this product contains hemp seed oil which is a potent source of fatty acids along with a generous dose of essential amino acids and some very vital nutrients for the body.

This particular lotion provides the skin with utmost skin care and meets the essential moisturizing needs.


This is one product from Emerald Bay that has been specifically formulated to give your skin a deep, authentic and dark tropical tan. The tanning lotion loaded with olive, sunflower and wheat germ oils is both an excellent tanning lotion as well as a moisturizer that leaves the skin with the desired tan and texture.
The company also specializes in producing bronzers for the beach. These are powerful creams that are scented with sweet smelling fragrances such as cultured dairy vanilla complex. The ingredients help to hydrate the skin and also provide relief from irritable skin.

The collection of bronzers from Emerald bay consists of beach ready creams that are ideal to wear when going for a trip to the beach. They offer you the ultimate protection against the harmful rays of the sun and flower a natural looking tan that makes your skin glow golden brown in a matter of a couple of hours only.
OC tanning lotoins compared

OC Tanning Lotions

Discover OC tanning lotion and the wide variety of skin care products that it makes. Find out what makes the OC range stand out from its competitors in the following expert product review:

OC Overnight Celebrity Tanning Lotion

The brand new tanning lotion product line from OC has managed to cause some ripples in the market. Popularly circulating is the OC Gossip tanning lotion. The product is receiving great reviews on the internet.

A 120z bottle of this powerful tan enhancer costs a handsome $40. But does it work as well as it is priced?

OC Out of Control XXX Tingler/Bronzer

Basically OC tanning lotion is a tan enhancer that has five tanning maximizers. With these elements combined the lotion is all set to give your body a completely flawless tan that appears to be all natural.

The color of the tan is described as dark savage in order to give you a feel of what the color would actually come out as on your body.

Tan Enhancing Ingredients 

The lotion has been formulated using the latest technological advancement that has been made in the science of creating tanning lotions.
It has a unique bronzing system that incorporates a mix of beneficial natural ingredients that are very good for the skin. These include items like carrots, sugar cane, walnut oil and caramel.

Acai Oil

The real special ingredient that makes OC tanning lotion stand out from its competitors is Acai oil. This special oil is derived from the Acai palm fruit. The fruit is highly potent with ten times the amount of antioxidants as compared to other fruits.

This translates as a skin firming agent that helps to remove those unwanted wrinkles from the surface of your skin. The extract also helps to increase the elasticity of the skin.

Silicone Emulsion

The product also contains silicone emulsion. This acts as a sensory modifier which helps to balance out the effects of the tanning lotion.The result is a velvety feel on the skin and the fact that it has all these beneficial ingredients makes this amazing feeling last all day long.

OC “Next Big Thing” Lotion

The OC collection has many different varieties under its umbrella. The OC Mix is an exciting and energizing dark tanning lotion that injects your skin with oxygen and energy that boosts the tanning process.

No products found.

The accelerating six potent tyrosine derivatives work to enhance the natural ability of the body to catch the tan. The UV absorption is maximized which results in a health tan that comes on in good speed.
swedish beauty tanning products compared

Swedish Beauty Product Line Reviewed

Sweden is a leader when it comes to producing tanning lotions. Find out about the leading Swedish beauty sun tan lotions around… There are many things that women do in order to enhance their natural beauty.
From makeup to jewelry women can be seen making use of many different things and techniques to enhance their physical appearance. Tanning too, is considered to be a means of enhancing your physical beauty by adding an exotic shade to an otherwise pale looking skin color.
There are various means through which one can capture that bronze tan that makes the skin glow. One of these means is bathing in the sun. This has its obvious health hazards and hence should be avoided. The safer alternative is making use of tanning lotions. These lotions can be used indoor as well as outdoors.
There is a considerable amount of variety available in the market when it comes to buying tanning lotion. Sweden is one country that has made a name for it self when it comes to creating beauty and skincare products for women. The tanning lotion in this case is no exception.
Some of the best tanning lotions available in the market today originate from Sweden and are making their way around the world.

The Leading Swedish Tanning Lotions

Swedish beauty tanning lotions are considered to be the top of the line tanning lotions on the global scale. There is however plenty of competition among rival Swedish tanning lotion manufacturers with each brand trying to out do the other with its product, price, packaging and promotion.

Bonfire Tanning Lotion

Among the Swedish beauty tanning lotions that are being widely advertised is Bonfire. This fiery product costs $55 in the retail market but you may able to get discounts that can bring the price down to almost half of what it costs in the market.

Swedish Beauty DHA Bronzer Tanning Lotion, Green with Envy, 8.5 Fluid Ounce
  • ColorAttract Bronzing Blend: DHA plus instant color boosters give skin an alluringly dark shade
Bonfire as the name suggests is designed to give you the fiery bronze glaze that you desire. The product is available in different sizes with variations that are to be applied to specific areas of the body. The Browning silk for example is a special tanning lotion to be used only for the face.

Pink Diamond Lotion

If you are looking to catch on that chocolate color then Sweden has produced just the product for you known as the Chocolate indulgence. This product is available at $64 in the market but you can steal it at a good price through various discount schemes.

No products found.

The Chocolate indulgence is available in different sizes and for different uses such as a special face tanning lotion and another one for the complete body.

Feed Your Skin With Nutrients

The thing that sets Swedish beauty tanning lotions apart from other products is the fact that they are endowed with great nutritional value for your skin. Hence they do not only provide you with the desired color of the skin rather they have a great moisturizing effect on the skin that makes it look good and gives it the routine cleansing as well.
The above mentioned Swedish beauty tanning lotions are just some of the examples from the vast collection of tanning lotions that are produced in the Sweden.

Designer Tanning Lotions

You badly want the tan but are skeptical about the tanning lotions on sale. Sometimes it makes sense to spend a little more and go for high quality designer tanning lotions that while expensive, are also often pretty much guaranteed to work wonders on your skin.
Skin tanning is a sensitive process. Individuals looking to indulge in this luxury need to exercise a great deal of caution especially with regards to the tanning lotion that they use.
The considerations need to be constant whether one is going to make use of outdoor or indoor tanning lotions.

Do Your Research First!

When going for a particular brand that makes tanning lotions it is always advisable to conduct your research before hand. One should know about the various designer tanning lotions available in the market and their ratings with the public.
This would give the interested buyer a good idea of the effectiveness of the lotion. Reading customer reviews on websites like Amazon.com is one way of finding out what is good and what is not.
There are a number of brands that have established themselves as market leaders when it comes to tanning lotions. Indoor designer tanning lotions offer quality skin care along with the tan that you need. It is however prescribed to make use of designer tanning lotions with the proper indoor equipment.
If you do not have the facility at your home then you can head towards a tanning salon with your very own designer tanning lotion or choose one from their collection.

Popular Designer Lotions of 2020

New Sunshine 14 Karat Gold Rush

This is one of the top notch designer tanning lotions guaranteed to give you the dark bronze blend which has quite an exotic appeal. The brilliant and bold color catches on with little tingling sensations on the skin.

New Sunshine Designer Skin Bronzer, 14 Karat Gold Rush, 13.5 Ounce
  • Gorgeous Plateau Breaking 14x Bronzers for a deep, dark tan
The product contains skin conditioning ingredients that leave it looking well hydrated and moisturized.


As the name suggests the special formula of this lotion contains silicone which makes your skin soft and smooth while giving you the desired tone.

No products found.

The quadruple bronzing blend produces a dark tan along with which it energizes the skin because of the ingredients that are present in it.

Millennium Tanning Paint It Black

The extremely popular designer tanning lotion has triple bronzer that makes the caffeine content of the lotion equal to that of three cups of coffee.

Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X - Extreme Dark Tanning Lotion, 13.5 Ounces
  • Instant Dark Tan - See skin-darkening results immediately after application!
Imagine the dark tan that this product has the potential to give you!

Bella Black

This is the ultimate tanning lotion that provides your skin with excellent care and treatment. It is amazing to experience the tanning results coupled with the silky and soft skin that the use of the product leaves you with.

Bella Black 100X Bronzer Tanning Lotion – Premium Tanning Bed Lotion with Extreme Silicone Emulsion and Banana Fruit Extract – Instant Results – Dark Tanning Lotion for Indoor Tanning Beds - 13.5oz
  • Feel Beautiful: The Bella Black 100X dark tanning lotion was designed to give you a chocolaty look that nobody can resist. Easy to apply and long-lasting, this indoor tanning lotion with bronzer and accelerator is a must-have for those of you who love a...
This product is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling fresh and well cleansed with a radiating bronze tan.

Millennium Solid Black

If you are looking for the dazzling bronze skin that seems as though it’s sizzling then Shrine is just the designer tanning lotion for you. This particular product works best with sensitive skin as not only does it provide you with your desired tan it provides gentle treatment and is soothing to sensitive skin.

Millennium Tanning Solid Black 100X Indoor Tanning Lotion for Tanning Beds (13.5 Fluid Ounces)
  • Quick Results - Feel a touch of luxuryーdrive your tan into darkness using tanning lotion w/ bronzer!
Although designer tanning lotions tend to be relatively expensive as compared to the normal tanning lotions that you will be able to find in the market they have their obvious advantages that makes the ideal choice for those of us who can afford them.

Summary & Alternatives

Tanning isn’t for everyone. There is no denying that long-term over-exposure to the sun and/or artificial UV rays from tanning beds will age the skin and increase the risk of things like cancer. If you are a serious bodybuilder looking to make your physique pop there are other options including skin-darkening lotions and spray-on tans, which are enormously popular for contest prep for serious physique shows.
Also, don’t forget the importance of good lightning (we cover this in our “how to look half natty” guide) when posing to highlight your physique. Being tan isn’t always necessary if the lighting is “warm” as in the bulbs use yellowish light vs bright florescent lights. Also, simply doing things like shaving off your body hair can make your physique appear considerably more defined.

Tanning Tips

Below are a few tips we have that we’ve learned from years of tanning safely and in moderation as well as after scouring the web to review how other bodybuilders and models are using tanning to safely enhance their physique/beauty while minimizing risk.

How to Get Rid of Tan Lines

Fake tans and then to get rid of tan lines have gained enormous popularity over the past few years as more and more people have become aware of the damaging effects of UV rays. Everyone wants to have a nice healthy looking darker skin tone. The best way to achieve this is through fake tan.
There are two fundamental techniques to gain your desired skin tone and get rid of tan lines. The very first option going to the salon and letting the tanning beds affect your skin tone. However, this method is not that healthier as it consists of artificial methods, and can become a substitute of sun. The other option is to apply the various available tanning lotions and creams. This seems to be a bit better option as it helps you in cutting down the harmful effects, and also reduces the health risks such as skin cancer. Moreover, it also prevents premature ageing.
There is a huge variety of tans in the market, nowadays. The availability of such a great number of products has made it a bit confusing to choose the best product. If you want to stay away from bogus products, you have to spend a little more money for getting the branded fake tan. Do not compromise on the quality. So, it is better to spend more money rather than spending little for no good.
In order to make the effect look natural and then get rid of tan lines, it is important that you choose a color that suits your skin tone. Do not choose a color that is drastically darker than your natural skin tone, or it will be obvious that you are wearing a fake tan. Many products allow you to build up the color over time gradually after repeated applications and that is a better option if you want to go darker.
Fake tan will look good on you only if your skin is smooth and properly moisturized. Otherwise, it will not blend in perfectly and will give a streaky effect. Before applying fake tan, exfoliate your skin with a good body scrub in order to remove all the dead skin cells. Next, apply a rich moisturizer and let it soak in for a few minutes.
Next is the application of fake tan on your body. You need to rub it for a few seconds on your skin so that it should get properly absorbed. Firstly, spray on one side and then the other. You can take help of someone for applying the tan on the entire body surface.
Several fake tans are such that they take time to get absorbed and show the affect a bit late. Experts advise to use it before going to bed as it can have a better time for absorption, especially due to being away from water.
To make your tan last longer, moisturize every day, but avoid use of lotions with alpha-hydroxy acids as they are exfoliating in nature, and may cause your tan to fade out faster. If you follow these steps, it is easy to attain a natural looking tan.
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Bronzers vs Tinglers: Know the Difference

Can’t decide what indoor tanning lotion to buy? Want to know the difference between a bronzer and tingling lotion? How do they both differ from standard lotions? Read on for the facts & information…
Those who have had the experience of visiting a tanning salon you are familiar with being asked to purchase a bottle of indoor tanning lotion by the merchant. People who work at tanning salons are more often than not required by the salon owner to invite every client to get a bottle of lotion because they make a massive profit on it. However, using an indoor tanning lotion is in point of fact an extremely good thing to do, for several reasons. Read on to find out why…
There are a lot of tanning bed lotions accessible these days that make it difficult to say the least when trying to choose which one to use during your tanning session. There are at least 50 different brands and several different types of lotions that you can select.
The most important types of indoor tanning lotions are standard lotions, bronzers, and tingle lotions. Some lotions you will find are in reality a mixture of bronzer and tingle formulas, but these are not especially widespread.
All tanning lotions have at least a small number of extra ingredients in their formulas for skin moisturization and defense, and the huge bulk of lotions contain a lot of extra ingredients and that is what in point of fact sets one lotion apart from others. You will see ingredients like hemp seed oil, anti-aging blends and skin firming compounds on the labels of nearly all lotions. Some lotions are so sophisticated in their formulation that the price for a single bottle can get up to around the one hundred dollar mark. Whether or not it is worth it to pay out that much on a tanning lotion is arguable but regardless of what brand you choose you still need to use some type of lotion to avoid injury when using a sun bed. if you go into a tanning bed and don’t apply an indoor tanning lotion to your skin you risk being scorched, getting an irregular tan and speeding up probable skin damage.
Bronzer lotions are most likely the most well-liked  of all lotions and they are advertised as the fastest way to a deep, dark tan – which is what the majority of people desire who go to a tanning salon, and occasionally they just don’t feel like waiting.  What puts bronzer lotions in a category of their own is their supplementary ingredients that encourage and speed up skin browning. Their formulas work with the natural biology of your skin to provide you with a lovely dark color in a comparatively short amount of time. If you employ a bronzer tanning lotion during your sessions you can anticipate looking obviously darker in as few as two visits to the salon.
The vital thing to keep in mind is that indoor tanning can expose you to health risks if you don’t take the correct safety measures. Look after and nurture your skin before and after a tanning session by using a good quality indoor tanning lotion.

What About Hemp Lotions?

Looking to buy a hemp tanning lotion? Want to know what sets hemp creams apart from other bronzers? Our guide gives you the info on the best lotions including Super Freak and Australian gold…
A Bodybuilder's Guide to Tanning: Sculpting Golden Physiques
Hemp seed oil is the chief component in hemp sun tanning lotion. Hemp, which is a completely natural substance, is a potent active element and responsible fore setting these lotions apart from other creams.

Benefits of Hemp Tanning Lotions

Hemp tanning lotions:

1.    Magnify the tan.
2.    Offer better nutrition for the skin for overall development.
3.    Moisturize the skin.
4.    Protect the skin cells from destruction caused from strong chemicals present in tanning products.

Applying Hemp Oil Tanning Lotions

You should apply it a minimum of one hour before going into a tanning booth. This helps the cream go through the skin better before the tanning process begins.
The hemp plant  is a humectant that offers excellent hydration and a cool feel to  users. The ability of hemp to hydrate comes from its capacity to retain moisture from the atmosphere. This is the basis upon which  an increasing number of skin products and moisturizers utilizing it in their sun tanning creams and lotions.
What is a humectant?
Humectants are basically substances that are able to suck in moisture from the air and absorb it. They contain hygroscopic substances which are responsible for absorbing water from the air and are often used in desiccation. When used as a food additive, the humectant has the effect of keeping the foodstuff moist. Humectants are occasionally used as a component of antistatic coatings for plastics. Humectants are also found in many cosmetic products where moisturizing is desired, including treatments such as moisturizing hair conditioners, skin creams and sun tanning lotions.
Hemp Oil In Tanning Lotions
Hemp oil is utilized in creams along with additional ingredients like Vitamin E and copper to provide the skin a soft and a hydrated sense. This mixture forms a tough chemical bond that is added to products for maximum effect. Also, the high content of fatty acid assist in sealing the moisture content and lowers the damaging effects of products. It also counteracts the drying effect of tanning on the skin.
The presence of Vitamin E and hemp oil also stops the formation of wrinkles and fines lines which helps the skin to have a soft and a fresh feel. So, if you are weary of experiencing the side effects of tanning moisturizers, change to one that contains hemp oil.

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