Magic Spoon Peanut Butter Cereal

In case you haven’t been following, I ordered a 6-pack of Magic Cereal protein cereal because well, I love cereal and it’s the middle of winter and I’m trying to bulk up a bit! Mixed with some whole milk and the concept of a protein-rich cereal as a late-night snack is a tempting proposition!

So far I’ve tried the Cinnamon Roll and Blueberry Muffin flavors. The Cinnamon Roll was terrible and I couldn’t honestly recommend that one to anyone. The Blueberry Muffin flavor faired a bit better with a surprisingly intense blueberry flavor but still not great so I ended up mixing that one with another Golden Grahams type cereal.

Magic Spoon peanut butter
Absolutely killer graphic design as per usual from Magic Spoon!

This peanut butter flavor on the other hand is without a doubt the best flavor of Magic Spoon I’ve tried thus far. By itself it wasn’t fantastic, like say a Reese’s Puffs or anything but it was at least palatable and when mixed with a bit of Cocoa Krispies (or Crispy Cocoa Rice from Mom’s Best in this case) was absolutely delectable!

B- Alone But A+ When Mixed

So a theme I’ve noticed with Magic Spoon is the cereal by itself just isn’t that great which I suspect is a tradeoff when you’re trying to cram so much protein into a rather small mass (remember most of these crunchy cereals is air).

That said, if you plan ahead a little bit and pick up a regular cereal that overlaps with your Magic Spoon cereal’s flavor and blend them together you have a very tasty, higher-than-usual protein content snack.

Magic Spoon mixed with other cereal

So in regards to this peanut butter flavor, it’s definitely peanut buttery, there is just a slight off-putting aftertaste of the protein. If you layer on a bit of non-protein chocolate cereal however that extra flavoring and sugar seems to be enough to take that protein flavor out of the equation, resulting in a genuinely tasty experience.

Magic Spoon peanut butter protein cereal


So, if you’re not comfortable adding extra sugar to your Magic Spoon and are on a super clean diet then this stuff just probably isn’t for you, although we all have different taste preferences so you should give one box a go at least.

If you’re trying to bulk however and don’t mind adding in a bit of a less-healthy cereal then I think this is great. Heck, you can make things a little better by mixing in whole grain versions of popular cereals from your local health food store like I did. Less guilt, happy stomach, more protein than normal. I’ll call it a win!

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