Magic Spoon Fruity Cereal Reviewed

Magic Spoon has been making quite a buzz in the fitness community via what appears to be a killer marketing strategy, dope product design, and well, by offering a product that many people earnestly want; a good tasting high protein cereal.

Cereal is one of America’s most beloved snacks that works equally well in the morning, afternoon and evening. Having a cereal that wasn’t just pure sugar and actually contributed to your gym gains, well that’s the holy grail.

Magic Spoon Fruity flavor
Killer packaging and pretty good work on the colors of the cereal too!

Has Magic Spoon found this holy grail?

Well, it’s complicated, but no, I wouldn’t say they’ve found it yet. I’ve tried the Cinnamon, Blueberry Muffin, and Peanut Butter flavors thus far and I’d grade the Cinnamon a D-, Blueberry a C-, and the Peanut Butter a B+.

Where does the Fruity flavor fit in? Well, on the whole I’d give the Fruity flavor a solid B-. It’s solid but not quite as solid as the peanut butter flavor.

Magic Spoon Fruity cereal

This makes sense as even protein powder manufacturers (I’ve tried them all) seem to really struggle to nail down lighter more subtle flavors like cinnamon or other baked goods. Chocolate and/or peanut butter on the other hand seem to be easier home runs. Fruity flavors are kind of a hit or miss from my experience.

How To Make Magic Spoon Fruity Shine

As eluded to in my other Magic Spoon reviews to make this stuff really shine you need to mix it or “cut it” with a more flavorful more sugary cereal, in my opinion. Some people love Magic Spoon’s flavors as they are and that’s great but for me the protein aftertaste was a bit too unpleasant for my liking.

Magic Spoon fruity cereal mixed
Mixed with some Trix and whole milk things started to taste the way I wanted them to!

Fortunately mixing a bowl of say, 2/3rds Magic Spoon Fruity with 1/3rd Trix resulted in an absolutely delicious bowl. Sure, I’m adding a bunch of artificial colors and sugar BUT having my bowl filled with over half Magic Spoon means that in addition to all the sugar I’m getting from the tastier Trix I’m also getting much needed protein from the Magic Spoon and that’s enough for me.

Of the 4 flavors I’ve tried I have to rank the peanut butter and fruity as the only two I’d order again with the cinnamon and blueberry muffin just not making the cut.

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