Elysium Health Overview: Fountain of Youth or Fountain of Folly

Elysium Health is a New York City-based supplements company made up of a team of scientists and innovators committed to advancing global health through science and research. The company’s philosophy revolves around the concept of helping people live healthier and longer lives through the use of research and extraordinary science.

The company’s mission is to use science and innovation to provide effective solutions to major health challenges that people face every day, especially problems related to the inevitable aging process. Elysium works directly with some of the top scientists and clinicians in the world which they call their “Scientific Advisory Board”.

These advisory board members aren’t random infomercial “doctors for hire”, no these are Nobel Laureates and professors at some of the worlds most renowned institutions including Princeton, Columbia, Harvard, Duke, Stanford, Oxford,  Yale, Tufts, and Mayo Clinic to name a few. (See the full detailed board member list here.)

It’s with the help of these doctors and scientists that Elysium is able translate critical advances in science on aging into practical solutions that everyone can easily access today.   

Understanding the Science of Aging: Sirtuins and NAD+

The science of aging is at the core of the Elysium. The company is dedicated to finding ways to combat health issues and general physical deterioration associated with the aging process. The science of aging is in their DNA.

Elysium’s chief scientist and co-founder, Dr. Leonard Guarente, has studied aging for over 30 years and has just completed his Ph.D. at Harvard University and is already running a research laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His journey in aging studies began way back in 1982 when he chose to focus on the science of how and why humans age. Most aging studies at the time relied on comparative biology to determine physiological differences between young and old animals. There were very few scientists focusing on molecular and genetic causes of aging. 

Dr. Leonard Guarante started his studies on aging with baker’s yeast, also known as saccharomyces cerevisiae. He chose to base his studies on the yeast because of the little-known fact about most organisms including humans and yeast sharing the same ancestor a billion years ago.

We know, it IS hard to believe but the most important genes found in yeasts are also present in other organisms including human beings. But they are. In evolutionary terms, these genes are “conserved” or in other words, have the same functions in most if not all species.

In the course of his studies, Dr. Guirente came across an important gene known as SIR2. Over a course of 8 years, Dr. Guirente and his team of post-docs discovered how SIR2 can be used to control longevity.

In 1999, they finally discovered that if SIR2 is activated, the yeast lived longer than others without a reactivated gene. After this milestone discovery the team found out that to function effectively, SIR2 needed a molecule known as NAD+, which is available in all living cells. SIR2 could not do anything without the NAD+ molecule. 

The importance of Dr. Guarente and his team’s work became apparent over the years as more evidence emerged on the critical role played by NAD+ in controlling the aging process. The team further discovered more SIR2-related genes that encode a group of proteins known as sirtuins in every living organism.

It turns out that there are 7 sirtuins in different parts of the human cells performing different activities. All the 7 types of sirtuins are essential to our health and all require NAD+ to function. The discoveries about sirtuins and NAD+ and the role they play in health laid the foundation for Elysium’s flagship product known as Basis.

Presently, Dr. Guirente’s lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology continues its work on studying the aging process in humans at a more advanced level. Dr. Guirente still works at Elysium together with the other company co-founders, Dan Alminana and Eric Marcotulli, as well as the Scientific Advisory Board. The team is committed to a scientific research agenda that focuses on using existing data and new findings in the field of aging to develop health products for consumers in all walks of life.  

Proven Anti-Aging and Longevity Solutions

The team at Elysium believes that science can do more to improve human health. The healthcare industry has made great progress in devising new ways to treat diseases but the question is whether or not we are doing enough to keep people healthy. Elysium provides a good opportunity to change the current approach of treating the effects of the aging process using scientific methods.

Most scientists today are in agreement that there is a clear relationship between the aging process and the most common health problems. Groundbreaking scientific discoveries in the last 20 years such as findings about age-controlling genes and a complete understanding of the human metabolism process provide more avenues to explore in the quest to find cures for most aging-related health issues.  

Elysium was founded on the belief that everyone everywhere should benefit from the gains made in scientific research. The company works in partnership with other leading scientists in the world and universities to come up with practical, science-backed solutions to aging-related health problems. One of Elysium’s products currently available on the market today is Basis, a daily health supplement that helps your body fight the effects of aging.

How Basis Works

To understand how Basis works it is first important to know what happens as the human body ages. We all have to grow old as years come and go but as you grow older your body’s levels of the NAD+ co-enzyme drop by as much as 50%. This reduction of NAD+ does indeed matter because the coenzyme does many critical activities in your body. 

what's in BASIS

For instance, NDA+ plays a key role in metabolism because it helps mitochondria create energy from the food you eat, helps in DNA repair, and activates the sirtuins genes we discussed previously, which have earned a reputation as longevity genes in aging research circles.

So how does Basis from Elysium help? Basis helps by boosting your NAD+ levels and activating sirtuins. Both processes help to slow down the mechanisms of aging in your cells. Elysium has a whole library of explanation and “what is” scientific articles in their “Science 101” resource section

NAD+ plays a major role in creating energy in an ATP form, in DNA repair processes by regulating circadian rhythms at the cellular level, and in hundreds of other cellular functions.

Increasing NAD+ levels basically means boosting all those cellular functions and processes. Sirtuins are a family of genes that require NAD+ to function optimally and maintain your cells in perfect balance when under stress and aging conditions.

Ingredients: What is Basis Made Of?

So, what are the key ingredients of this anti-aging daily supplement? There are two important ingredients in Basis, namely Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) and Pterostilbene (PT).

  • Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) is a natural precursor to NAD+. It provides a safe and effective way of boosting levels of NAD+ in the body. There have been numerous studies on the efficacy of NR in the last two decades. Elysium’s proprietary form of NR is known as NR-E.
  • Pterostilbene (PT) is a natural compound found in plants with chemical similarities to resveratrol. It helps in dissolving body fat and works together with NR to activate sirtuins. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Basis? 

Clinical studies have proven that taking Basis increases levels of NAD+ in your body by an average of 40%, which show that the supplement actually works at the cellular level. Most of the health benefits of increased NAD+ levels are hardly felt but are nevertheless in maintaining your good health as grow. Some of these benefits include improved mitochondrial function, enhanced DNA repair, and active longevity genes. 

People who took Basis also reported experiencing higher levels of energy and improved quality of sleep. If you don’t immediately start experiencing the benefits of Basis, do not worry because it is working in the background by increasing your NAD+ levels. It is doing a great job in supporting your health at the cellular level. 

For serious athletes and bodybuilders who regularly put their bodies through extraordinary levels of stress, and who need maximum recovery in between gym sessions/games, being able to increase NAD+ levels seems like a no-brainer.

Basis Availability and Dosage

Basis is easily available for customers across the world. The company will deliver your order to your doorstep a few days after you place your order. Delivery times depend on your location. Elysium has several affordable pricing options to suit everybody’s budget.

To make the deal even better, they give you a 33% discount when you choose the prepaid subscription. In terms of dosage, you need to take two capsules of Basis daily to enjoy all the benefits of increased NAD+ levels in your cells. 

Science and Studies that Support the Efficacy of Basis 

Basis has been scientifically proven to increase levels of NAD+ at the cellular level. This is because Elysium is known for conducting rigorous tests and trials for its products before releasing them to the market. All their products are backed by scientific evidence.

Basis increase in NAD+ levels

The company’s scientific studies have proven that taking just two capsules of Basis each day boosts your levels of NAD+ by 40% on average. You can read more about the study on Basis here. Keep in mind that Basis is the first study done on humans to prove that it is possible to sustain and increase NAD+ levels in cells.

Elysium is fully committed to rigorous scientific research and development and invests heavily to this end. They currently have multiple preclinical and clinical trials as more studies are done on Basis as a foundation for future products.

Ongoing scientific research on existing products is one of the many points that separate Elysium from other companies selling dietary supplements.

To emphasize on the importance of scientific research, Elysium studies the effectiveness of their products on humans. This human-based approach in scientific tests and trials ensures that consumers can take Elysium’s products with confidence in the fact that the products work as described based on scientific evidence.

The company has a Scientific Advisory Board that’s a network of over 25 researchers and clinicians recognized worldwide including Nobel Prize-winning scientists. The board guides the direction and decisions that the company takes.

Elysium has also partnered with prominent academic institutions and universities that focus on scientific research and innovations geared towards improving health and well-being. 

Some of the major research and educational institutions Elysium partners with include the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health and Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Orthopedics, Rheumatology, and Musculoskeletal Sciences. The partnerships allow Elysium to advance research in aging and develop effective products and supplements that help to increase human lifespan and health.

Elysium’s Unique Selling Point: Science-Backed Quality and Purity of Products

Unlike most supplement companies that source their products from low-cost suppliers in an effort to increase profit at the expense of quality, Elysium Health puts quality and customer satisfaction first before everything else. Quality and science-backed purity of products is the company’s key selling point. 

what is Elysium BASIS

Elysium Health uses the highest-quality ingredients in its products. For instance, Basis is made using the best quality of Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) and Pterostilbene (PT) for the best purity and performance standards. In fact, the company has so far invested more than $10 million to establish its own supply chain.

Basis is an industry-defining product because the company uses gold standards in the manufacture and testing of its products. Before the product is launched to the public, it is put through multiple third-party tests and a strict quality control process to ensure that it has the highest standards of purity and quality.                      

Consumer Reviews

Elysium Health’s customers have cited great satisfaction with Basis in online reviews and testimonials. The company’s customers include people from all walks of life including doctors, teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, students, runners, and many more. They all come from different backgrounds and experiences but with one goal in mind; to live better, healthier, and longer lives. 

Here are some examples of what they have to say about Elysium’s most popular health supplement product, Basis:

  • Steven who is in his mid-sixties claims he is now “stronger and fitter” since he started taking Basis. He says Basis makes good sense for anyone who does workouts and is on an improved diet. 
  • Ray, who is in his 50s, states that the Customer Service at Elysium is extremely good. He has been taking Basis for close to two months together with other supplements and vitamins and has seen a great improvement in his physical health. He calls Basis a Feel Good Again supplement.   

Media Accolades

Awarded 2018 Innovation Emblem from Good Housekeeping

“Scientists have yet to discover a longevity elixir that stands up to medical scrutiny. A group of researches believe they’re getting closer, however…” –TIME

“NAD+ replacement is one of the most exciting things happening in the biology of aging.” –MIT Technology Review

“NAD is vital to how cells use energy,  a key player in metabolism.” –WIRED

“This seal of approval from scientifically literate customers reflects a revolution in the science of aging.” –COSMOSMAGAZINE

Skinny Yoked Conclusion

Based on customer feedback and reviews on Elysium Health’s Basis supplement, it is quite evident that the company lives up to its claim of developing science-backed products aimed at improving people’s health as they age. This is very much a potential Fountain of Youth, the scientific evidence is just too promising to deny. 

Science is a core value at Elysium Health. The company combines scientific research in every step of its clinical development incorporating input from Nobel Prize-winning contributors and partnership with leading institutions such as Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford. 

The company is led by a team of qualified medical research professionals with years of experience in studies on the aging process, which is reassuring, and they are committed to improving people’s longevity and wellness through the development of excellent natural-based products without side effects. This is definitely something Skinny Yoked can firmly stand behind and plans to research more on our own in the very near future! 

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