Skinny Yoked: In Pursuit of Lean Mass

Post-Workout Chill Track #1

SY recommends The Way U Do (RL Grime Remix) for your post-workout dopamine dump playlist. Check it out and share your favorites with us! 

Ultimate Workout Clothes & Accessory Guide

Choosing the right clothes for the gym can make the different between a good workout and an excellent workout. Learn what options are the best combination of function, style and affordability with the SY guide to workout clothes.

Explore some of the best shirts, pants, shorts, & shoes for weightlifting efficiently, comfortably and affordably in style. 

how to spot correctly

8 Golden Rules of Spotting

Spotting is a integral part of a gym community and is what separates a “real” gym from the fake gyms. Good luck finding someone to spot you, or even knows how to spot, at your

The Man-In-Red Leaves MuscleMeds

Kai Greene, the “predator in red” looks to have parted ways with long time sponsor MuscleMeds and is developing his own brand called Dynamic Muscle. What will Dynamic Muscle become? How much will Kai Greene control the brand and what will he want to bring to the market? We can’t wait to see what Dynamic Muscle is all about!