Ryderwear: Makers Of Kai’s Red Gym Shoes

kai greenes shoesYou’ve seen them everywhere. Kai Greene, known equally for his red hoody (whether it be Musclemeds or Dynamik Muscle) and his signature red Ryderwear Raptor shoes or just “DMAKS” as he prefers to call them. Likewise, other big name pros like Ulisses Jr. are also rocking the underdog-footwear company.

There’s no denying, shoes like the Stingrays/DMAKS shout out for attention..

Every time we watch one of Kai’s videos we think to ourselves 1.) Could I pull of tights too? and 2.) even if we can’t pull them off the same way the Predator does I’d still like to know what those dope looking shoes are that he’s rockin..

The answer to question 1. is inevitably no of course and the answer to question 2. is, they’re called Raptor DMAKs , or Raptors, depending on the day, and they’re made by a company called Ryderwear.


About the Ryderwear Company

One thing people look to first when evaluating the quality of a product is brand perception and the company behind the product itself. So who are Ryderwear? Well, there’s not much information out there. According to their own website, they were founded in 2009 and are out of Australia. That’s right, Ryderwear is Australian mate!

Ryderwear sells all sorts of bodybuilding oriented apparel, which is pretty cool because if you ask us, there is a serious shortage of clothing that appeals to the serious body builder. Quality, the ability to stretch, durability, style.. it’s hard to check all the boxes, but it looks like Ryderwear does.


They sell:

  • Pants
  • Sweat Shorts
  • Tanktops
  • Hoodies
  • Jackets, and of course,

Their lineup looks pretty dope, we have to admit. In particular we like the selection of form-fitting sweat pants and classic sweat shorts as well.

The women’s selection also looks tight, literally and figuratively speaking, with tons of stretchy and form fitting yoga pants to show off them squat glutes..

Enough About Clothes, Are Ryderwear Shoes Any Good?ryderwear team members

Well, the first place we look to get a broad spectrum of opinions on any given product is usually Amazon. These people are spending their money and can easily be sniffed out as frauds, so gaming Amazon is a bit more difficult than other places.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason there isn’t much information on Amazon. This might be because it appears Ryderwear has only just recently begun ramping up its marketing efforts with a blitzkreig of promotion from sponsored athletes.Shop Ryderwear

So, in our journey for more real-life user reviews of the infamous “Raptors” we finally landed on Reddit, where a few people were leaving some pretty glowing reviews of these shoes.

The original poster wrote up a really nice review broken down into sections we care most about”

ryderwear raptors reviewed

Another female user left an equally positive review for the women’s version:

ryderwear womens review

Two more users chimed in to confirm the initial positive reviews:

g-force review


raptor dmak shoes

Ryderwear vs Otomix Comparison

If you’ve done any digging yourself you may be a little confused, as both Otomix and Ryderwear make very similar looking bodybuilding specific footwear. They also use very similar names, for example Ryderwear has their “Raptor DMAKs” and Otomix has their “Otomix Stringrays”, both seemingly named by a mullet-sporting 17 year old somewhere..

Who are Otomoix?

Well, we know Ryderwear are a scrappy little company out of Australia that sponsor the one and only Kai Greene, but who are Otomix? Sounds Austrian..

Well, actually they’re American! Hurray! They’re based out of Nevada, usually have booths at the Mr. Olympia events AND have been in business since 1988, which gives them a solid amount of street cred. Read more about the company itself on the official Otomix website here.

The overall intended use and design of the Otomix and the Ryderwears are the same: to provide a comfortable, flexible, light-weight shoe that allows for plenty of “feel” while providing ankle support.

The Otomix, specifically the Stingrays, were originally designed for use in MMA and grappling. These fighters wanted something light weight but flexible enough to give them plenty of “feel” through the soles. It just turns out that the same aspects that MMA fighters look for in a shoe (lightweight, durable, supportive) are the same thing that bodybuilders look for in a shoe.

We have no evidence, but speculate, that whoever founded Ryderwear at some point tried some MMA shoes and thought to him/herself that “damn, these would be perfect for the gym too!” and thus set out to build the bodybuilding footwear brand for bodybuilders. The designs are so similar it’s insane, and they both look dope.

If we had to choose, from a purely bodybuilding perspective, we’d choose the Ryderwear DMAKs, because they’ve been designed from the outset for bodybuilding specifically whereas the Otomix Stingrays, while they may be great for bodybuilding, were first and foremost designed to be an MMA shoe.

One problem though is it seems that Ryderwear isn’t keeping their Amazon store updated and to get the latest models you may have to order directly through their website. Otomix however keeps a huge selection of their shoes including the Stingrays (for bodybuilding) stocked on Amazon. You can check out the reviews yourself and compare both the Ryrderwears vs the Otomix.

A Brief Review

Overall it would seem these shoes have everything the serious lifter wants: a tight, ankle wrapping fit, minimalist design, quality materials, thin, flat soles and stylish colors. The price point is competitive with other bodybuilding/weightlifting-specific shoes so overall these seem to be a pretty good bet.

An overview of the most popular shoes for the gym from top makers:

Have you tried any Ryderwear products? Let us know in the comments below, we’re eager to learn more about this budding bodybuilding brand from the land down under!

Check out their Instagram too for more social proof that people are liking these shoes.

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Ryderwear and Otomix Review
  • 10/10
    Do they both look dope? - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Are they built pretty much the same way? - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Does Kai Greene wear both brands? YES! - 10/10
  • 1/10
    Can you do cardio in them besides stair steppers? - 1/10
  • 10/10
    Do they both come in Red? - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Are they fairly priced? - 9/10


So there’s a lot of confusion, does Kai Greene wear Ryderwear or Otomix? Well, in most of the videos you find on youtube he wears Ryderwear DMAKS and he’s officially sponsored by them. However if you do a Google image search for “Kai Greene + Otomix” you will find pictures of him wearing Stingrays as well. All we can determine is both shoes looks sweet so the choice is yours!


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