Best Form-Fitting Joggers for Taller Skinnier Guys

Joggers are amazingly versatile. No guy could be gifted a pair of perfectly-fitting, uber-comfy, joggers and ask himself when he’d possibly wear them. If you’re skinny and tall, though, shopping for the right pair of joggers is a little more challenging. Our reviews should make it easier!

The Pros of Joggers: Why Every Dude Needs a Few Comfy Pairs of Joggers

Let’s begin by defining joggers as sweatpants+. Aesthetically, compared to the sweatpants you wouldn’t want to be found dead in anywhere but the gym, joggers are more form-fitting. They often feature an elasticated waist and a drawstring tie, but also have cinched ankles. Unlike sweatpants, joggers aren’t just designed with comfort in mind. They’re also at least a little fashionable. 

What’s more, most joggers are lighter and more breathable than sweatpants, though some high-end joggers are even made primarily of leather. So, what are they good for?

Many joggers — though definitely not all — would serve you perfectly well at the gym, or out jogging. Almost all joggers, being ridiculously comfortable, are absolutely perfect for any member of the ever-growing work-at-home army. You get to feel good all day, and you don’t have to be ashamed if someone rings the door. Joggers are also great if you’re looking for an “athleisure” style; something to wear for a casual lunch on a Saturday afternoon, while fishing, or as you go for a drive. 

The only issue? If you’re unusually tall and unusually skinny, many great pairs of joggers simply won’t work out for you. They’ll either be falling down, or they’ll be too short. That’s a real bummer, but thankfully there are some awesome picks for guys just like you. Let’s see them!

Lululemon men's joggers compared

1. Lululemon ABC Jogger Tall Warpstreme

These joggers have it all — they’re made of a unique, wrinkle-resistant fabric that keeps you feeling cool and snug (but not squashed), they’ve got secure back pockets and extra hidden cash and media pockets, and if you don’t choose to wear your drawcord hanging out, you can hide it inside to prevent that awful bulge. 

ABC stands for “anti-ball crushing” tech, by the way, and in case you’re wondering, yup, that’s precisely what it sounds like. These joggers offer freedom to run, but also freedom to laze around, breathability very much included, thank you very much. 

Lululemon’s very neat ABC joggers come in three different lengths, including a 32” that’ll be great for the tall guys among us. They also come in way too many colors, all of which could somehow match whatever else you happen to be wearing. At $128, Lululemon’s ABC tall joggers are very much worth it. 

Puli joggers

2. PULI Men’s Hiking Cargo Joggers

A strong choice for budget-minded folks who like to look chill and stylish and are a big fan of pockets, PULI Men’s Hiking Cargo Joggers will set you back between $30.59 and $35.99. They feature a zipper, a grand total of six pockets, and are made with a water-resistant stretchy fabric that makes them perfect for a day of lite adventure (think fishing, museum-hopping, a brisk walk, or, as the name suggests, hiking). 

Nike Club Fleece joggers

3. Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Joggers

These timelessly stylish joggers definitely scream “work from home” or “gym” more than “casual lunch”, but that’s just how you’ll like your joggers on some days. Nike’s Club Fleece Joggers aren’t just on this list because they’re available in tall sizes (that would be a low bar!), but also because they pack plenty of benefits:

  • They’re fleece-lined for added warmth, which also makes these joggers super comfy.
  • Nike’s joggers feature ribbed ankle cuffs, which are both practical and stylish.
  • They have a slim waist band that’ll be good for you if you’re both tall and skinny.
  • As well as open pockets, these joggers have a back pocket with a snap closure to keep your valuables safe. 
  • We’re biased toward the classic black, but if you want something more exciting, Nike’s Club Fleece Joggers do come in a whole variety of different colors as well.

For $54.46 to $130.00, you can’t really go wrong with these.

screenshot brand review

4. Screenshot Athletic Street Jogger

So, you’re tall, skinny, and you’re into a more urban and adventurous style? When you look at the Nike joggers above, your main thought is “zzzzzzzzz, that’s booooring”? Then, the Screenshot Athletic Street Joggers, hip-hop friendly urban joggers that POP, might just be right up your street.

Elder Statesman cashmere joggers

5. The Elder Statesman Cashmere Joggers

These are here because we wanted to show you how luxurious joggers can be — not because we’re necessarily expecting the average guy to splurge on them. Nope, The Elder Statesman’s cashmere joggers aren’t the most expensive joggers on the market (not even by a long shot), but they’re almost certainly the softest. 

They’re pocketless and definitely don’t feature any advanced technological innovations like, say, the ABC joggers, but they’re cashmere. These joggers cost $1,555 and come in six different colors, including bright orange and popping pink. 

Outdoor Voices All Day Sweatpant mens

6. Outdoor Voices All Day Sweatpant

Yeah, they’re called sweatpants, but they do tick all the right boxes that really technically make them joggers. Get yourself a pair of Outdoor Voices All Day Sweatpants if you’re a fan of a tapered fit, you care about the Earth (because they’re environmentally friendly), and you care about true comfort more than innovative features. As advertised, you can really wear them all day and just about anywhere. 

By the way, even if you’re tall and skinny, you’ll want to consider getting a size larger than you normally would, because these joggers run on the small side. They’re on sale for a very reasonable $88.

Old Navy tapered cargo sweatpants

7. Old Navy Tapered Cargo Jogger Sweatpants

These Old Navy Tapered Cargo Jogger Sweatpants, which are available in tall, are ridiculously stylish. They have an elasticated waist with a drawstring closure, open hip pockets, and cargo pockets on the sides. The ankle cuffs are rib-knit, and the fleece extremely soft. Did we mentioned they’ll make you look handsome in any setting? To top it all off, these joggers, which consistently get top reviews for good reason, are only $34.99!

Skinny Yoked Conclusion

Joggers went from gym-exclusive to mainstream in the last decade, turning what was a very limited-in-scope article of clothing and elevating it to the practicality and widespread acceptance found in articles of clothing such as jeans or hoodies.

Athletic sweatpants are one of the core staples of the entire “athleisure” fashion trend and have proven to have staying power as the WFH movement continues to grow.

Whether you’re headed to the gym to hammer your quads in a leg-day workout or if you’re looking for something comfy to toss on to go pickup that pizza (and save on them insane delivery app surcharges) the above jogger brands should suit you well.

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