Best 15 Minutes Arm Workouts for Bigger Biceps

For many people, the biceps are the muscle group that first comes to mind when thinking about strength and fitness. There’s something about a set of well-defined biceps that looks powerful.

While biceps don’t make up a large percentage of the body’s overall muscle mass, they’re still an important muscle group. They help with essential tasks like lifting and carrying, but they also play a role in stabilizing the shoulder joint. 

Plus, let’s be honest, biceps look impressive. So it’s no wonder that so many people love to work on building bigger biceps. Whether you’re a casual gym-goer or a serious weightlifter, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a set of biceps that turn heads.

If you want to get bigger biceps, you might be wondering how difficult the process is. After all, biceps are one of the most popular muscles to work on, so there must be a reason why they’re so hard to build. But the truth is, getting bigger biceps isn’t as difficult as you might think. Sure, it takes dedication and hard work, but you can quickly see results with the right approach and gear.  

If you want to add size and definition to your biceps, you may consider adding a 15-minute arm blaster workout. This simple but effective workout can help you achieve the results you are looking for in a short time. So, what are you waiting for? Start sculpting those perfect biceps today!


What are Biceps?

The biceps brachii (often known simply as the “biceps”) is a big muscle that runs down the front of your upper arm. It is a muscle that moves the shoulder and elbow. The biceps brachii is named after its location in the body’s brachial area, which is between your shoulder and your elbow.

The biceps brachii is found in the front of the brachial area. This muscle is activated when your forearm and hand are supinated instead of pronated. Two heads make the whole bicep: short and long. The supraglenoid tubercle of the scapula gives rise to the long head.

These muscles support and stabilize the inner brachialis during movement, despite being the most noticeable muscle in the arm. The fundamental function of the biceps is forearm flexion and supination. It also plays a role in shoulder flexion.

The contraction of the bicep muscle accomplishes two goals:

  • In the forearm, flexions aid the brachialis (lifting).
  • Assist in turning the forearm upward with the supinator muscle (it begins at the outer elbow and finishes at the inner wrist).

Why Use an Arm Blaster for Arm Workout: Benefits

An arm blaster is a curvy gym gear with neck-straps. It’s made of lightweight metal with elbow protection. The blaster’s curved component is positioned on your chest, while the elbow pads are meant to be used as a platform for your elbows to rest on.

The straps have an adjustable buckle that allows you to tie it around your neck and adjust it to your liking. When you use an arm blaster, it’s much easier to maintain your elbows fixed and locked in front of your torso while doing curls and other exercises. 

4 Benefits of Using an Arm Blaster

While you can still grow impressively large biceps using regular dumbbells, barbells, and cable machines there are also pieces of equipment designed to better enforce proper form and prevent cheating reps.

There are several benefits of using an arm blaster for arm workouts, such as:

1. Ensures Good Form

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing an arm blaster is that it allows curlers to retain better form. You won’t have to be concerned about swinging the weights or having improper posture when doing curls using this training equipment. You can keep your arms in a stable position as long as you use the proper weight, enabling you to concentrate on working out the muscle without fear of damaging your back muscles.

2. Keeps Tension On The Muscle (TUT)

Tension is essential if you want to boost your growth and muscle mass. You must provide your muscles with the exact burn required to gain weight and advance toward your fitness goals.

It’s critical to understand that the faster muscle fibers grow, the longer the muscle strains are. Slow down your pace, and you will reap the benefits. Arm blasters are specifically developed to help you with this.

They guarantee that you do not drop your arm to the beginning position without first contracting and causing tension in your muscles. After that, you can begin to lower yourself slowly.

You must labour for several hours and do numerous workouts to notice a difference. On the other hand, an arm blaster workout will result in an immediate muscular bulge.

3. Deters Ego Lifting 

Ego lifting is when someone tries to lift more weight than their actual strength, whether for muscle gains or impressing any spectators. While ego lifters may think they seem impressive at the time, they are more likely to injure themselves. Your ego will be checked at the door with the arm blaster.

When you put on an arm blaster, adjust it into place, and try to curl your dumbbells, you’ll notice that they don’t move very far. The first part of the curling action is undoubtedly the most difficult, and it is where the ego lifters make mistakes as the dumbbells are most likely to swing, and the lifters use momentum to get the weight up.

Arm blasters keep that in check and give you the proper form in the start to lift without any swinging. 

4. Produces Crazy Pump

Another fantastic advantage of using arm blasters is providing a powerful pump, mainly when practicing curls. It keeps your arms from adjusting for momentum and cheating when you’re working out. It also allows blood to flow into the muscle for more significant development and stronger pumps by putting it under tension (time under tension).

According to a Brazilian health study, increased muscular activation and blood lactate response were found in people who extended the eccentric portion of a bench press repetition. Increasing the eccentric phase of lifting by 2 seconds increases physiological demands, making the activity more difficult and effective.

The descending portion of any exercise move is known as an eccentric phase. It’s when your muscle contracts as it lengthens, like your glutes do when you descend into a squat or your biceps do when you lower a weight after a curl.

A Killer 15 Minutes Arm Blaster Workout

Each exercise should be performed for one minute with no rest in between. After each round, take a one-minute break. To get the blood flowing quickly, give your arms a good shake. Follow this workout at least twice a week for toned-up arms.

Good Old Fashioned Pushups 

Best 15 Minutes Arm Workouts for Bigger Biceps

One of the most effective arm workouts. You don’t need any special equipment to do them so you can do them anywhere. Do it with weighted vests for more effective results.

  1. Put your hands slightly wider than your shoulders and get down on all fours. The elbows should remain slightly bent; avoid locking them out.
  2. Pull your belly button towards your spine. It will help you tighten your core and contract your abs.
  3. Inhale as you slowly lower yourself to the ground while bending your elbows until they are perpendicular.
  4. Exhale, then push back up through your hands to the starting position by tightening your chest muscles.
  5. Set your feet hip-width apart and extend your legs back until you are upright and balanced.

Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Best 15 Minutes Arm Workouts for Bigger Biceps

This is a terrific exercise for biceps development and adding a little bulge to the top. It is easy to execute and equally for beginners and professionals. Hammer curls differ from traditional supinated grip in that they better target the forearm vs isolating just the bicep.

  1. Straighten your back and legs as you stand. Knees should be positioned below hips.
  2. Keep your arms at your sides and hold a dumbbell.
  3. Weights ought to be supported by the outside thigh.
  4. Flexing the elbows to raise the lower arms and move the weight toward the shoulders.
  5. Avoid moving your upper arms.
  6. Hold this position at the top for a little moment.
  7. Your palms should be towards you, and your thumbs should be near your shoulders.
  8. Lower the weight to go back to where you were.

Vertical Shoulder Pressing

Best 15 Minutes Arm Workouts for Bigger Biceps

If you desire big biceps, include a shoulder press in your workout routine to produce boulder shoulders that compliment your increased bicep diameter. It targets the shoulder muscles and makes them stronger for arm support.

  1. Sit in the machine (either with fixed weight or with cables) with the handles at around shoulder height.
  2. Grab the machine’s handles with a pronated or neutral grip.
  3. Inhale deeply and raise your arm directly overhead.
  4. Return your handles to their initial position by lowering them gradually.
  5. Up till you achieve the target number, keep repeating. 

High Volume Chair Dips

Best 15 Minutes Arm Workouts for Bigger Biceps

It is a wonderful bodyweight workout for triceps isolation. You can make changes to the protocol if you need. You can do these using a bench or any step too. 

  1. Sit on a chair’s edge and grip the edge near your hips.
  2. Your feet should be hip-width apart and firmly planted on the ground. Your legs should be extended.
  3. Your body should be straight when you press your palms to lift it. Your heels and hands should support your entire weight.
  4. Bend your elbows to lower yourself. Keep your movements slow and controlled.
  5. Repeat as often as possible.

Reverse Bicep Curls 

Best 15 Minutes Arm Workouts for Bigger Biceps

Bicep curls are an essential part of every arm workout. Isolate each bicep with flowing motions.

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with the palms facing down as you stand with your feet hip-width apart.
  2. Keeping your hands facing forward the entire time, bend your elbows and curl the weights up towards your shoulders.
  3. At the peak of the curl, pause for a brief second before gradually lowering the weights down to the beginning position.
  4. The appropriate number of times should be repeated.

Close Grip Tricep Press

Best 15 Minutes Arm Workouts for Bigger Biceps

It is another favorite exercise for making your arms bigger. Remember to keep the weights together throughout each rep.

  1. Lie on the flat or inclined bench with your feet on the floor.
  2. Put your hands on the barbell almost shoulder-width apart, closer than you would for a regular bench press.
  3. To position yourself, engage your core and squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  4. Slowly and carefully lower the bar.
  5. Powerfully press up, then slowly revert to the beginning position.
  6. The best position for engaging your triceps is to keep your elbows close to your sides.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Best 15 Minutes Arm Workouts for Bigger Biceps

This is a fantastic total-arm workout that targets the deltoids but also activates your biceps and triceps to stabilize and hold the position at the top of the range of motion. Performing lateral raises consistently will improve the visual width of your shoulders because of the increased deltoid muscle mass.

To perform this exercise correctly it is important that you maintain a tall and sturdy spine as you lift your arms above shoulder height.

  1. Choose a set of dumbbells, then hunch your body forward slightly. Dumbbells should be held at your sides but slightly away from your torso. Your physique will develop the fashionable “V” shape as a result.
  2. Hold the dumbbells with your palms facing outward and a little away from your body. You’re now in the beginning position.
  3. The dumbbells should now be raised gradually until they are shoulder height. Ensure that your wrist does not extend past your elbows.
  4. When you reach the movement’s peak, pause for a second before lowering them down to the beginning position.
  5. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Wrapping up

Arm blasters are effective gym gear making your workouts more challenging and pushing you to do harder. It helps in increasing your strength besides giving a pump to your muscles. Arm blasters work the best for ego-free lifting and arm workouts with proper posture and form. 

So, if you want to tone your arm muscles and your biceps bigger, follow this effective 15 minutes arm blaster workout. It will target the right muscles and isolate them from the rest of the body. 

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