Ultimate Kai Greene Training Compilation

So there’s no hiding the fact that Kai Greene is without a doubt Skinny Yoked’s favorite IFBB pro bodybuilder. We may personally be all about that natty life, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love us some Predator, especially when it comes to analyzing the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating such a freaky body composition.

Why Copy Someone Like Kai?

“Yeah he’s cool and all, but I’d be just as big if I took the amount of gear he was juicing with too!”  Um yeah.. sure you would.

Overzealous natty’s always like to shoot down the achievement of juiced lifters because they think steroids are some type of miracle drug that can simply make muscles sprout in ways similar to Miracle Grow does with plants.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Steroids help the body recover faster, grow faster and thus train harder, but the fact remains that to achieve huge physiques you still need to put in the time in the gym like every other lifter, natty or not.kai green workout routines

Kai Greene is no stranger to this. In fact, from his own social media posts and the videos we see, it would seem the guy pretty much LIVES in the gym.

Sure, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, as he’s been seen traveling quite a bit recently, promoting his supplement line Dynamik Muscle as well as promoting his sponsors like the makers of his hallmark red training shoes, Ryderwear.

While he may not have competed in the 2016 Mr. Olympia, much to our disappointment, he’s still our favorite lifter and has debatably the most insane physique out there today.

Kai is a master of iron, and has delved deeper into the actually ART of bodybuilding than even many of his peers.

Learn the Psychology of a Master

Kai’s training psychology was fist chronicled when he was sponsored by supplement company Musclemeds (most famous for their beef protein). He is no longer with that company, however his videos shot during that time, a series titled “Train with Kai” still offer a unique insight into the mind and methodology of this great master of the iron.

Kai’s published tons of videos of him training over the years, some more helpful than others. We personally love the ones where he takes the time to narrate his movements, explaining what he is doing, why, and the intended impact that particular exercise is supposed to have on the body.

Even if you are a 100% natty lifter, this insight is invaluable, as natty and non-natty’s still need to stimulate the body correctly to illicit muscle growth, and in this way, Kai’s teachings are perfectly applicable to both types of bodybuilders.

We’ll break down the videos in a few categories. First, we’ll organize all the official “Train with Kai” videos as well as other live training videos into categories so you can quickly find whichever one suits you.

For example, if you are struggling with training and connecting with your leg muscles, then check out the leg-specific training videos. Likewise, if you’re back or chest is lagging, check those out. Hell, you might as well check them all out as each one is packed full of crazy insightful knowledge.

Kai Greene Exercise Series Compilation

Each body group is broken down into it’s own section here for easy navigation.

Part I: Leg Workouts

First off we have one of our favorite leg training videos of all time where Kai works out with Logan Keevan, an inspired young athlete who overcame serious odds to get into the world of bodybuilding.

This video is one not to miss as it offers insight into Kai’s pre-leg day warm-up and stretching routine, which is a workout in upon itself, in addition to his comprehensive attitude towards leg training.

Also, many of you will notice Kai wearing the same red shoes in most of his leg training videos. Those shoes are either Raptors or D-MAKs and they are made by a company called Ryderwear.

We looked into the shoes and they seem to be getting positive reviews around the web. If you’re in the market for some bodybuilding-dedicated footwear, you can read our overview of Kai’s red (and sometimes blue) shoes. These things are also the gym shoe of choice for people like Big Ramy as well.

Train with Kai – Logan Keevan

Train with Kai – Nick Trigili

Train with Kai – Unknown

Kai Greene Solo Workout #1

Kai Greene 5 Weeks Out from the 2016 Arnold Classic


Part II: Back & Chest Workouts

Kai may be most noted for his massive lower half, especially his serrated quad striations. The predator however also has a ridiculously massive back and equally round chest to match.

Below are a collection of “Train with Kai” vidoes in which beginner-intermediate bodybuilders win the chance to do a one-on-one workout with the Kai. There are also a few solo training vidoes and collaborations he did with other famous bodybuilding personalities including Jay Cutler, Jeff Seid and Alon Gabby.

Train with Kai – Tarin Davis (Back)


Train with Kai – Steven Wang (Back & Shoulders)


Train with Kai – Logan Keevan (Back)


Train with Kai – Danny_Gets Fit (Back, Chest & Delts)


Kai and Marc Lobliner from Tiger Fitness (Back)


Kai with Massive Joes (Back)


Kai Solo Chest & Arm Workout


Train with Kai – Mike Pulcinella (Chest)


Kai Trains with Jeff Seid & Alon Gabbay (Chest)


Kai & Big Ramy Training Together (Chest)

Kai & Jay Cutler for Flex Online (Chest & Triceps)


There we have it. We love it every time releases a new training video because he has the ability to narrate both what his mind and his body are doing unlike any other competitive bodybuilder today. When more videos come out, we’ll make sure to add them to this directory. If we missed a good one let us know in the comments below!

Also, if you’ve got a ton of money laying around and want to experience the painful pleasure of working out just like Kai, you should check out his training program, called “The 5 Ps” at his official website. If you drop the cash, we’d be interested knowing what you thought about the program, since it’s a little bit out of our price range at the moment.

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