Skinny Yoked: In Pursuit of Lean Mass

January 2018

metal straws reviewed

Why You Need a Metal Straw

Metal straws.. they aren’t just for heavy metal dandies, they are for eco-minded individuals who frequently drink pre-workouts, post-workouts and BCAAs. I recently received a bag of metal straws a

vitamonk review

My Vitamonk Review: Supporting Muscle Growth By Augmenting Your Diet

A big part of the Skinny Yoked philosophy for gaining muscle and living healthy is the augmentation of a balanced diet with nutritional supplements. Sure, we admit it, the supplement

ectomorph shoulders

Why You Should Train Your Shoulders More

Shoulder training, one of the least covered and over-injury-hyped topics in bodybuilding. For most people shoulder neglect isn’t that big of a deal. If you have a mesomorphic or endomorphic